Watch This Chihuahua Talk in His Sleep

Watch a tiny teacup, sacked out on the bed, go on and on about something in his sleep. It's probably food-related.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 10th 2012

When we watch our dogs twitching their paws and barking in their sleep we can’t help but wonder what they are dreaming about. Do they dream about the day’s events? Do they dream about chasing rabbits? Or do their imaginations take the same flights of fancy that ours take when we set sail for dreamland?

Little T-Bear, a teacup Chihuahua, allows us a glimpse into the doggie dreamland — sort of.

Okay, so we can’t decipher exactly what he’s saying, but he is sure going at it in his sleep. Is he having a heated debate with the squirrel who teases him outside the window? With the mice who creep into the garage at night? With the cooing pigeon in the rafters? Perhaps in his dreams T-Bear is the squirrel, which is why he is chirping in his sleep rather than barking or growling.

Or maybe T-Bear is dreaming of being a giant dog so he can finally jump onto the couch without the assistance of his humans, or finally scare off the postman who comes daily to the door.

What kind of noises does your dog make in his sleep? What do you think your dog dreams about?

Photo: Sleeping Chihuahua by