Photos: 6 Dogs in Cars, Riding the Lightning

Riding in cars means a good time for a lot of dogs; see how these canines celebrate the open road.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 28th 2012

Is dog your copilot, or is he a backseat barker? Does she like to ride shotgun with you, sprawl out in the back, or stick her head out the window to pretend she’s flying? Does “Wanna go for a car ride?” have that special meaning for your pup? The kind that makes him dance in circles?

For some dogs, a car ride means going to the V-E-T, but for other dogs, there’s nothing more exciting that a cruise down the boulevard.

Like this 11-year-old Weimaraner, whose enthusiasm for the road cannot be mistaken. For her it’s like the craziest, most high-speed rabbit chase ever.

Her enthusiasm is matched by Zilla with her stylish Doggles. Sticking her head out the window, Zilla likes to imagine she’s herding all the cars.

Who needs a bobblehead when you can put a bobbledog on your dash? (Don’t worry, this photo was taken while the car was parked — Abbey sits in the back when the car is in motion!)

Here’s a big dog in a topless car.

And a small dog in a toy car.

And Jessie and Duke are so excited for their car ride that they can’t contain themselves — to the backseat!

Know what would make these doggie car rides even better? If the pups were somehow safely restrained — just like their human counterparts. Safety first!