It’s Time for an Allen Designs’ Dog Clock, Don’t You Think?

With these witty time-keepers, it's always dinnertime! (It's not really always dinnertime.)

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 8th 2013

If you ask a dog what time it is, the dog will tell you one of three things: It is time for a walk, time for a meal, or time to sleep. If you tell a dog, “No, it is not time for a meal because I fed you at 8 this morning and it’s 9:30 now and the next meal is not until dinner time,” the dog will look at you with imploring eyes, knowing not these numbers you speak of, but only the constant hunger of her belly.

While dogs are lovely reminders that time is just a human construct, we do operate by the hands of the clock. Unfortunately, we have to get to the office, schedule appointments, and go to bed at specific times.

While we may sometimes feel like slaves to time, that doesn’t mean looking at a clock has to be a bad thing. Allen Designs has some whimsical timepieces shaped like, well, dogs! Time just got a little less oppressive.

Allen Designs describes itself as a company with a penchant for the “imperfect and slightly eccentric,” which is how we could describe some of the dogs in our lives. The clocks are $55 and come in different characters and breeds. You can buy them here.

Via Ammo the Dachshund, images via Close 2 My Art