Ever since celebrities started carrying dogs on their arms and in their designer bags, we’ve seen a spike in folks opting to pack their pups along with them when they go out. After all, if your dog is small enough to fit in a bag — or, conversely, if your bag is big enough to fit a dog — why should the dog have to stay at home? Bring her shopping, to the market, on the bus. No need to be separated from your canine friends!

But what about less portable pups? Like a Labrador or an Akita or a Saint Bernard? Why should they get left at home while all the little dogs get to accompany their humans everywhere they go? Well, thanks to the latest project from Carmichael Lynch, you can now bring your plus-sized pooch with you — as long as you don’t mind charioting a giant purse around. Fortunately, this purse is equipped with wheels, so you can don your most stylish duds and hit the shops with your dog in tow.

Sure, it’s no Louis Vuitton, but just you wait — once those big fashion names see how popular the big purse is, they’ll be styling their own designer big-dog bags.

Thanks to Carmichael Lynch for this!

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