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Introducing PangoVet: Talk with a Veterinarian Online

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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Introducing PangoVet: Talk with a Veterinarian Online

Dogster is excited to announce the launch of our new vet telehealth service, PangoVet! The service is designed to give owners accessible and convenient pet care in their own homes through online video consultations with experienced veterinarians. With PangoVet, the aim is to help transform how owners manage their pets’ health and make professional veterinary care accessible to more people than ever.

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How Does It Work?

The new service offers 20-minute video calls with licensed veterinary experts, with or without their pets present, allowing pet owners to ask questions or raise any concerns they may have. With this information, owners can receive personalized expert advice tailored specifically to their pets’ needs—from the comfort of their own homes. Without the need for an in-person visit, pet parents can receive guidance on various health issues while avoiding the stress for both pets and owners that comes with travel and waiting rooms.

Another key benefit is flexibility, as owners can schedule appointments in advance to ensure that help is always available when most needed—experienced veterinarians who are committed to providing high-quality care and advice are only a few clicks away.

PangoVet vets also have the time to discuss any questions in depth, which cannot always happen at an in-person clinic visit. Indeed, the main draw with this kind of service is a personalized approach to veterinary medicine. A lot has changed in the veterinary industry and in many cases, personalized care has been lost. In the past, everyone in the local veterinary clinic was a familiar face and really connected with you and your pet. Telehealth allows vets and pet owners to really focus on both healthcare and building back these relationships, for the better of all involved.

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What Can PangoVet Help With?

While vets cannot prescribe medication via online consultations, they can make suggestions, address specific concerns, and offer pet care advice. Even though the service does not support prescriptions, the team can help guide pet parents through the process of why their pet may or may not need medication, and they can also guide owners on what tests a vet may want prior to issuing the prescription, plus the estimated costs associated with the process. If a PangoVet vet believes a pet needs to visit a clinic for further care, they can discuss the next steps with the owner.

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Guiding Pet Parents with Personal Care & Professional Advice

“The key is our personalized approach to medicine,” says PangoVet’s Dr. Lauren Demos. “What you expected 20 years ago when everyone in the local veterinary clinic was a familiar face, and really connected with you and your pet. So much has changed in the veterinary industry, especially since Covid, and these wonderful relationships have been lost. Telehealth allows us to really focus on both healthcare and building back these relationships, for the better of all involved.”

All PangoVet vets are licensed and experienced in the practice of veterinary medicine, so pet parents can trust that they’re speaking with a knowledgeable, highly experienced professional who can help guide pets toward better health.

In summary, the PangoVet service can provide veterinary advice, guidance, and triage, and answer owners’ questions on their pet’s health, behavior, and any non-urgent illnesses. For more information about PangoVet or to schedule a consultation, please visit the website.

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