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Our Monday Miracle Is Dobby, an Italian Greyhound Rescued from a Puppy Mill

His tongue hangs out because he has no teeth, but he sure looks adorable in his Paul Frank pajamas.

 |  Nov 18th 2013  |   8 Contributions

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Puppy mills: Will we ever hear the end of them? We will if Dobby the Italian Greyhound has any say in it.

And Dobby has a lot to say about puppy mills. That's because the Iggy spent the first five and a half years of his life in a puppy mill in Missouri, enduring physical and emotional injury. He has no teeth, so his tongue hangs out of his mouth all the time; the pads of his paws are calloused from living in a cage; and he is still overcoming a skin condition that has turned his belly black as a result of neglectful filth.

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The SupaTongue!

He was liberated by the National Dog Mill Rescue in Colorado. When his human friend saw him, she fell in love with his affectionately-nicknamed "SupaTongue," and didn't let the fact that he was in Colorado and she was in Connecticut stop her -- she and her husband bought a plane ticket and went and got Dobby. What a lucky dog!

According to his Facebook page, Dobby has already transformed so much in just the short time he's been able to be a regular old dog. He is still a little fearful, but I imagine the sweet-faced little guy will overcome that with time.

Check out Dobby's Facebook page, where all these photos came from, and read about his mission to raise awareness about puppy mills and backyard breeding. We're glad the little dog has a happy ending, but we wish we never had to hear about these kind of stories in the first place!

Bonus! How to wear a SupaTongue as instructed by Dobby.

A SupaTongue can be worn as an accessory and a statement piece. 

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In this photo, Dobby combines his SupaTongue with his fabulous polka dot pajamas.

A SupaTongue adds a touch of elegance to any formal attire.

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Very nice.

Dress your SupaTongue up or down.

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Dobby wears his SupaTongue with a casual hoodie.

Add a bit of edge to your SupaTongue with a pair of cool shades.

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Keep your SupaTongue in good shape and your SupaTongue will always be stylish!

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Stretch, Dobby!

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