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Minnesota: Minneapolis: General Pet Stores

Minneapolis - as dog-friendly as they come! This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. Don't forget to add your reviews for the businesses in this ultimate resource.

Top-Rated General Pet Stores

General Pet Stores

Minneapolis, MN 55408
Designer dog collars + leads for ALL dog sizes. (online store only)

General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores
Northeast Minneapolis
Fillmore St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Pet products made with recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials. Pet beds, dog coats, sweaters, raincoats, toys & accessories. Also, plastic bag holders for home and leash. Custom products and products produced with new materials available upon request.

General Pet Stores, Neighborhood Stores
2303 Kennedy St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Home delivery of pet supplies.

General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores
2303 Kennedy St. NE
Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Pet food and supply delivery service. Free delivery to the Twin Cities Metro area. No Minimums. No Contracts. Over 10,000 products. If you can't find what you are looking for, call and we may be able to get it for you.

General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores
106th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55369
Custom made pet beds for your loved one.

Pet-Friendly Stores, General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques
3359 Tyler Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
GREAT GIFTS FOR DOG LOVERS! Fun, funky original drawings (NOT clip-art or computer-generated) of many dog breeds, custom printed on clothing and more! Breeds available: Collie= Rottweiler= Schnauzer= Shih Tzu= Labrador= Corgi= Weimaraner= Samoyed= Great Dane= Saint Bernard= Bulldog= Chihuahua= Airedale= Boxer= Pitbull= Sheepdog= Dalmation= Beagle= Doberman= Husky= German Shepherd= Poodle= Irish Setter= Pug= Golden Retriever= Cocker Spaniel= Basset= Afghan=== FETCH some original art to salute your favorite breed in the online shop at: www.svedbergstudio.com. CUSTOM PORTRAITS in oil (or other medium of your choice) are also available as a lasting tribute to your beloved dog. Commission info and portfolio at: www.svedbergstudio.com

Groomers & Spas, General Pet Stores
221 Main Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Ollu is all about you and your dog. We are committed to providing you with a clean eco-conscious grooming environment that is convenient and affordable for you.

Pet-Friendly Stores, General Pet Stores, Neighborhood Stores, Photography
48th & Chicago
Minneapolis, MN 55417
An experienced professional portrait photographer specializing in people and their pets. With over 25 years as a portrait photographer Pat can really get "the shot" you want.

General Pet Stores
5640 Cedar Lake Road
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Pet store.

General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques

Minneapolis, MN 55418
GREAT GIFTS FOR DOG LOVERS! Fun, funky and totally original drawings (NOT clip art or computer-generated) of many dog breeds by Minneapolis artist Lauri Svedberg. These delightful caricatures can be custom printed on clothing, housewares & accessories. Breeds available: Collie-Rottweiler-Schnauzer-Shih Tzu-Labrador-Corgi-Weimaraner-Samoyed-Great Dane-Saint Bernard-Bulldog-Chihuahua-Airedale-Boxer-Pitbull-Sheepdog-Dalmation-Beagle-Doberman-Husky-German Shepherd-Poodle-Irish Setter-Pug-Golden Retriever-Cocker Spaniel-Basset-Afghan. Visit the online shop at http://www.svedbergstudio.com

Pet-Friendly Stores, Training & Obedience, General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores, Feed Stores
2106 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Awesome small business catering to pampered pooches & kitties and other pet friends. PS they deliver BOL!!!

General Pet Stores
3008 West 50th St
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Offers freshly-made in-store wholesome pet food, cooked and raw.

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