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13 Pomeranian Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

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13 Pomeranian Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Pomeranians are adorable, cute dogs that make great pets. They’re very energetic, especially for a small dog. Therefore, they do best in homes with equally active people.

With that said, there are many pros and cons about Pomeranians that the average dog owner may not know. It’s important to look at everything about a dog before deciding whether or not to adopt them—including both the breed’s pros and cons.

Here are some pros and cons of the Pomeranian:

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The 5 Pomeranian Pros

1. Adorable

Couple cuddling a Pomeranian dog. Pomeranian spitz dog
Image Credit: VeronikaSmirnaya, Shutterstock

Pomeranians are fluffy, adorable dogs that steal the hearts of many. They’re very cute dogs, which is why many people choose to adopt them. Of course, you shouldn’t just consider the physical appearance of the breed. In many cases, physical attributes play very little role in whether or not a dog fits into your lifestyle.

However, being cute does help with the Pomeranian’s appeal.

2. Intelligent

Pomeranians are a bit more intelligent than other small dogs. Many people see this as a benefit, though it also means they’re more likely to get bored. Their intelligence makes them easier to train than many other dogs, and their people-oriented nature means they’ll often listen to commands, too.

Many toy dogs aren’t very intelligent, which can make them harder to train. Pomeranians are great small dogs for agility competitions and similar canine sports.

3. Alert

Image Credit: Nick Stafford, Pixabay

Pomeranians are great watchdogs. They’re very alert and known to be a little yappy. While this yappiness can get them in trouble, it also means that you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking up on your house.

Of course, these dogs are extremely small. Therefore, they can’t actually do much against an intruder. You will know they’re there, though.

4. Small

Pomeranians are very small. Therefore, they fit better into small apartments and homes. Many travel lovers adopt them, too, as they’re able to be carried on my airlines.

Their smaller size makes them cheaper to care for, too. For instance, they eat less, and their equipment is smaller (and therefore cheaper). A large dog bed can be over $100, but a small dog bed may only cost $20. Many people prefer small dogs, as well, and the Pomeranian absolutely fits in that category.

5. Good Family Dogs

Family of Four Having fun Playing with Cute Little Pomeranian Dog In the Backyard. Father, Mother, Son Pet Fluffy Smart Puppy, teach and train it Commands. Sunny Summer Day in Idyllic Suburban House
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

Pomeranians make pretty good family dogs in most cases, but we only recommend them for homes with older children. They’re small and fragile. Therefore, they’re at risk of injury by toddlers and small kids. While the injury may not be serious, it can make the Pomeranian snappy later on.

They’re great with older kids, though. They’re extremely people-oriented. Therefore, they work well for those looking for a companion dog. They’ll bond easily with a range of different people, allowing them to get along in many different families.

The 8 Pomeranian Cons

Many of these negatives are potential. Not every Pomeranian will have all of these traits. However, it’s important to accept that your dog might.

1. Potentially Poor Temperament

Some Poms may have unstable temperaments due to irresponsible breeding practices, which can result in genetically bad temperaments. It’s important to meet both parents of a Pomeranian puppy and carefully test the temperament of any adult Pomeranian you’re considering adopting.

Choosing the right breeder can greatly decrease the chance of poor temperament traits. However, these popular dogs are often targeted by puppy mills and unprofessional breeders, which has led to some unstable traits across the whole breed.

2. Fragile

Woman training a pomeranian
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

Pomeranians are fragile and require constant supervision and surveillance to avoid accidental injury or death. They’re also not suited to households with toddlers, as young children may unintentionally harm them.

While their small size makes them easier to handle, many owners don’t fully understand how easy these dogs are to injure. They aren’t suitable for all homes for this reason.

3. Wary with Strangers

Some Poms can be suspicious of strangers, which can be a nuisance when you have guests. They tend to be extremely yappy when they’re unsure of someone new, which can quickly get annoying. Rarely, these dogs can also be snappy. However, this is usually a sign of poor temperament.

Socialization can help prevent this common problem. Even though Pomeranians are small, they require training and socialization just like every other dog.

4. Independent

red fluffy pomeranian dog in the autumn park
Image Credit: barinovalena, Shutterstock

Additionally, they have independent minds and can be manipulative, so consistent and respectful training is necessary. They’re often people-oriented enough to listen to commands with practice. However, they aren’t nearly as obedient as a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever.

Their higher intelligence can make it easier for them to manipulate their owners and the people around them. They pick up on things rather quickly, including things that you don’t want them to pick up on.

5. Excessive Barking

Pomeranians are prone to excessive barking. They’ll yap at just about everything. Sometimes, this is helpful, such as when they alert you to strangers snooping around your home. However, it can also be unnecessary.

Pomeranians often bark as friends just as much as they bark at strangers. Their yappy behavior can make them unsuitable for apartments or homes with close neighbors. Training can help reduce excessive barking. You should start early and regularly re-visit these commands.

6. Difficult to Housetrain

Brown pomeranian dog is lifting legs to pee at the wall
Image Credit: PATCHARIN SIMALHEK, Shutterstock

Pomeranians are very small, which means they have tiny bladders. As puppies, they need to use the bathroom very often. For this reason, they’re a challenge to housetrain unless you take weeks off of work and never leave your house.

Many dog owners get their canines an indoor place to use the bathroom—at least when they are younger. Leaving them outside isn’t a suitable alternative, as their smaller size makes them more prone to becoming a snack for a predator.

7. Heavy Shedding

Pomeranians shed a lot, as they have a lot of hair. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with a lot of excessive hair, this probably isn’t the dog for you.

Luckily, their smaller size means they don’t produce as much hair as other dogs. Still, they can shed heavily during the fall and spring.

8. Grooming Requirements

pomeranian dog being brushed by a woman
Image Credit: aonip, Shutterstock

Pomeranians have thick coats and require regular brushing. Otherwise, they can get matted.

Luckily, they don’t require professional haircuts or tons of brushing. A few times a week is plenty. Their coat is less prone to matting than other breeds, like the Shih Tzu.

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Final Thoughts

Pomeranians have several potential pros and cons. You should understand all of these potential benefits and downsides before settling on a puppy. However, you should also remember that every dog is an individual. Some of these dogs will be very yappy, while others may not be. Dogs may have different grooming needs and temperaments.

As a pure breed, all Pomeranians share similar traits. However, their temperament and behaviors are still on a sliding scale to some extent.

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