Why is my dog shedding so much?

 |  Nov 30th 2006  |   1 Contribution

My puppy Callie has been shedding a lot recently. She should have already lost her summer coat for winter, but she is still shedding! Is this because of her food or because she's an inside dog?

Macon, GA

A tremendous number of my clients are alarmed by the amount of hair that their pet sheds. And sometimes the worst shedders are not the ones that might be expected. Often, short haired cats shed more than long haired ones. Smaller dogs may leave more hair around the house than larger ones.

Although I can't tell you why Callie is shedding so much, I can tell you that any amount of shedding is normal as long as she isn't developing bald spots. If her skin is comfortable and not irritated, then I doubt there's anything to worry about.

If you are having troubles with excess hair on your floors and furniture, my recommendation is to brush her regularly. Bathing and grooming also reduce shedding, but short of shaving her completely bald, there is nothing you can do that will eliminate it completely. You may have to get used to sweeping and vacuuming more often.


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