Why Can't my Dog Urinate?

 |  May 22nd 2008  |   0 Contributions

Dr. Barchas:

Our pitbull Reagan (three years old) has a
difficult time urinating sometimes. There are
instances when he feels like peeing (and thus
readys himself) but no urine comes out. He seems
to feel discomfort. Also, his urine is yellowish
and malodorous. Could this be a urinary infection?
What should be done?

Marikina,Metro Manila, Philippines

Reagan most likely does have a urinary infection.

Urinary infections, or bladder infections, are the most common cause of difficulty urinating in both cats and dogs. Bladder infections often cause frequent attempts to urinate, often with marked straining. The urine may have a foul odor, and blood may be noted in the urine. Some afflicted pets show all of these symptoms; others show only one or even none.

Bladder infections almost never resolve on their own, and if they aren't treated they can lead to kidney infections and serious illness.

Uncomplicated urinary infections respond to antibiotics. If Reagan has been having trouble for a long time, he may require several weeks of medicine to recover completely.

Be aware that a urinary infection isnot the only possible cause of the symptoms you are noticing. Prostate problems, bladder stones, urinary crystals, and bladder inflammation may cause them as well.

A veterianarian should evaluate any pet that is having trouble urinating. In the best case the pet may be uncomfortable. In the worst case, he could have a serious medical problem.


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