Mad Max And The Convertible

 |  Oct 5th 2008  |   6 Contributions

Max, an Airedale Terrier, took off after being in a car accident while riding with owner Bill Clark.

Three weeks and three days ago, Max ran away when Clark, driving his convertible in Sterling, was struck by another car.

"The dog jumped out the back through the trunk and ran into the woods," Clark said.

Clark began a three-week search for his beloved terrier.

Although there were numerous sighting of Max he couldn't be found. Clark, along with volunteers, searched for him but still turned up Maxless.

That was until Tuesday, when Clark said he came home and found Max sitting in the back yard.

The dog had apparently found his way home from Sterling, about 45 miles away.

"I couldn't believe that he came home," Clark said. "All that way."

Even the experts can't explain it.

"We don't really know how they do that. We do know that dogs' memories are very detailed, very sense-oriented," said Jim Barry, a dog behavior consultant.

Whatever it was, Clark is just happy to have Max home.

Luckily this story had a happy ending, but it could have turned out very differently. Remember... not only is it a good idea to buckle up, it's the law.

I realize it isn't really a law for dogs, but it does show the importance of making sure your best friend is secure when in the car.


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