Lost Australian Maltese Julie Returns Home 7 Years After Going Missing

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What a lovely surprize! Not to be negative, but it sounds like Julie was stolen and finally got away.

Thanks to the HeraldSun.com.au for this article.

Lost dog found 320km from home, four years later
December 31, 2007

A LITTLE dog lost from Glen Iris has been found 320km from home more than four years after she disappeared.

The unexpected return of maltese terrier Jule makes it the second time in her life she has been a Christmas surprise for owner Rose Flanagan.

The dog was originally presented as a Christmas gift when Rose was seven and Jule just an eight-week-old pup.

But four years after her arrival, the Flanagan family woke to find their front gate ajar and Jule gone.

"We spent more than a year searching pounds and scouring parks looking for her," mum Vicki Flanagan said.

"And even though in our hearts we always held hope of finding her, our heads told us she was gone for good."

But a call out of the blue from Wodonga on December 13 brought the news, Ms Flanagan said.

"The Wodonga Shire ranger rang to say he had taken a little dog in off the street and the microchip had all our contact details on it."

Ms Flanagan said it was amazing that Jule, originally chosen from a litter of pups bred near Albury, had turned up back in the same area.

"There's no doubt someone has been looking after her all these years, although her coat was much longer.

"It's remarkable too, that even though she has been missing from our house for half her adult life, she recognised it as soon as we got her inside.

"She ran around, made friends with our two new terriers Tasha and Gordy, and spent her time waiting for Rose outside her bedroom door."

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