Kate Gosselin: I Had To Choose Kids Or Dogs

 |  Oct 28th 2009  |   28 Contributions

kategosselinx-inset-communityIn September I posted how Kate and Jon Gosselin gave up the German Shepherds they had so badly wanted. Or maybe they just thought adding a few cute puppies into the mix would make their ratings go higher.

On Monday TLC had a Kate Gosselin special: You Ask, Kate Answers. This may be why I never bother watching TV, but I digress. On the show she claimed that she had never intended to give them back to the breeder. But yet she did?

Here are the details from USA Today.

They were returned in September amid the fallout of her divorce with Jon Gosselin. Kate said at the time "they'll come back, but for now I needed a break." But now, though she didn't rule out bringing the dogs back, it sounded unlikely, The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call reports.

"I had to choose between the dogs and the kids and the kids come first," said the Jon & Kate Plus 8 turned Kate Plus Eight star.

I cannot believe she said she needed a break, and that the dogs may be back. Seriously, give me a break. Does she think you can just give your dogs away like their objects, excess baggage, and then you can just take them back at your own convenience?

I said it before and I'll say it again, this is one selfish narcissistic woman. I think she needs a reality check, life isn't just about her.

*Picture courtesy By Dr. Billy Ingram, Getty Images


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