How Not to Behave on The Tonight Show if You're a Dog

 |  Dec 16th 2009  |   20 Contributions

Conan O'Brien had a canine guest on The Tonight Show last week, and by the looks of things, it might be the last dog who gets invited on the show until the memory fades. Here's Part 1 of the segment:

Would your Dogster dog do better? (And could Tillie's person have gotten a little more dressed up to go on national television?) Here's Part 2. Yes, it gets worse! But Conan handles it with aplomb.

It looks like Tillie's art is just as good/bad as some of the abstract pieces we've seen hanging in museums around the world. Tillie is simply a stereotypically temperamental, somewhat demanding artist who is not very fond of her benefactor. (She's probably mad at him for wearing a warmup jacket on The Tonight Show.)


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