Great News! Most Vick Dogs Will Live!!!!

 |  Oct 1st 2007  |   1 Contribution


The news is looking good for the majority of the Vick dogs! I feel bad for the one dog who may be forced to the Bridge but this news is much better than we could have hoped.

It sure says a lot about the goodness of the Pit Bull soul that so many of these dogs who have been abused can still be gentle enough to be re-homed or at least placed in sanctuaries.

Thanks to the the Swamp at the Baltimore Sun.

Vick's Dogs May Live
Andrew Zajac

An examination of 49 dogs seized in the Michael Vick dogfighting case has found that only one canine is an immediate candidate for euthanasia.

Working under contract with the Department of Agriculture, a team of veterinarians assembled by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals conducted "individualized behavior testing" last month to gauge each dog's behavior toward other animals and humans.

According to a court filing Download file from earlier today, the ASPCA team found that 48 dogs "appear to have some potential for placement with specific condition" ranging from foster care with continued observation to sanctuary in a kennel experienced in handling pit bulldogs.

The 49th dog has a history of biting humans and the ASPCA recommended that it be humanely put down.

It's a potentially happier ending than some had imagined. Following press accounts that described a regimen of harsh treatment geared to giving combatants an edge in their bloody contests, there was speculation that few if any of the dogs would be permitted to survive.

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