Goodcircle -- a Good Way to Raise Money for Good Causes

 |  Mar 19th 2008  |   1 Contribution

Thanks to Joan for barking in this information on a new way to raise money for our rescue groups.

there is a great new website that can be used to raise money for causes such as this one. its and its a socila networking site that allows you to start a goodcircle around your charity of choice and invite friends to join. the key thing that is different is that through ecommerce links you and all the members of your circle can raise money by on line shopping. just go to the shopping site through goodcircle and a portion of the proceeds are donated to your cause. i started a circle called "dogs without sweaters" and we have started raising money already for shelters. check it out.

Here's more from goodcircle:

what's an opinion if it's never said?
what good is a cause if it can't be shared?
what is a world if no one joins in?

goodcircle is a whole new way for people and groups to unite around what they believe and support, and use the power of commerce to benefit it. start a goodcircle around any cause, belief, mission or event, and benefit up to 10 different non-profits, your way.


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