Dogster Bean is Almost HOME!!!!

 |  Feb 10th 2007  |   7 Contributions


Happy barks and howls all around. Dogster Bean is on his way home!!!

I hope the young girl who returned Bean to his family finds another great dog she can care for and love!

Lisa Vilar wrote:
Thank you to everyone for their time, thoughts, prayers and support!!

We just got the call from our family in Puerto Rico. It seems that a young woman who purchased Bean on the street noticed the poster hung in the pharmacy where Bean was stolen. She contacted our family and returned Bean to them this morning. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! We cannot wait to get him back home with us. We are so relieved that he is safe and has been well cared for during the month he was not with us. I will post a new picture on Bean's page as soon as we can.

Thanks so much for your support!!


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