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Meet Mouse, a Cute Xoloitzcuintli Who Escaped Euthanasia

He was dumped by an owner who'd named him Turd; now the Mexican Hairless has a new life.

 |  Jul 14th 2014  |   1 Contribution

This is Mouse. He's a three-year-old Xolo (also known as a Xoloitzcuintli or Mexican Hairless) who lives a happy life in Ohio with his loving family.

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But that wasn't always the case. In the summer of 2012, he was left at a shelter in Maryland by his former owner, who we can assume was not a very nice person, because Mouse arrived with the given name of Turd, and he was dumped at a shelter.

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The shelter scheduled the little Xolo for euthanasia because he has hydrocephalus. It causes excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and a host of complications, including stunted growth, as is the case with Mouse. Just the same, the condition often can be managed with medication.

Shelter worker Tracy DeHoff wanted to give him a chance and found the perfect forever home for Mouse in Ohio.

Now Mouse spends his days doing the following:

Playing with his five fur brothers and sisters

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Swimming in the pool

Check out this video of Mouse swimming on the Mouse in the House Facebook page.

Napping in the sun

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Raising money

Primarily Naked K9 and Small Dog Rescue and a few other animal welfare organizations through sales of his calendar.

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And striking a pose for the camera

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We pulled all of these images from Mouse's Facebook page, which you should check out. With a little help from his humans, he shares inspirational messages and adorable photos daily. 

Remember: Size doesn't matter if you put your heart into whatever you do.

Read more about rescue on Dogster:


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