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The 10 Most Intriguing New Dog Products I Saw at the Global Pet Expo

Gel treats, an electric toothbrush, and more of my instant favorites from the floor.

 |  Feb 27th 2013  |   22 Contributions

I went. I walked. I scoured the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, to bring you a great mix of the latest dog products you need to know about. Despite my aching feet, I had blast. With nearly 900 exhibitors, the expo is the biggest pet industry event of the year -- and the most fun. Seriously, what could be better than an event full of passionate pet people? 

Here's some fun stuff I thought you'd like:

1. Petmate Zip & Go Pet Bed 

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Petmate's Zip & Go Pet Bed gives your buddy a soft, familiar place to crash while on the road. Photo: Petmate

No more lugging around heavy, unwieldy pet beds when you're away from home. Petmate's new Zip & Go Pet Bed is a super soft, super comfy and durable bed that zips up when not in use. Handle straps make it easy to carry, and guess what? You can even throw your dog's toys and other gear right inside to keep it all contained! Side pockets offer additional storage, so now bringing all your pet's stuff with you is a cinch. 

$39.99-$59.99 at pet stores nationwide this spring.

2. Longshots Launch Toys

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Fun for your dog and for you! Soft, aerodynamic Longshots toys shoot up to 70 feet! Photo: Longshots

Talk about the ultimate game of fetch! Longshots is a launcher/toy combo that launches up to 70 feet. Made of water-resistant ballistic nylon, the Ballistic Duck (pictured here) is super durable and fun. First-time buyers can buy the launcher/toy combo and purchase additional toys separately. 

$9.99 online and at pet retailers in late spring. 

3. Samsung PetCam

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Is your dog hosting wild parties while you're not at home? Find out with the PetCam. Photo: Samsung

When you're gone, is your dog sleeping, eating, watching TV, or stealing snacks from the litter box? Now you can know for sure. Samsung's new PetCam is a wi-fi video monitor that's super easy to set up anywhere in your home. You can access the video via your smartphone, tablet, or online. And there's two-way audio so you can even love on your dog from afar. Plus, the device is capable of real-time streaming and recording high-def video, even in the dark.

$149 nationwide in May.

4. The Ruff Leash by Zee Dog 

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With the Ruff Leash, you can stop your dog from pulling and look ubercool at the same time. Photo: Zee Dog

This super-hip-looking leash is also extremely functional. The Ruff Leash is a great solution to dogs who pull. It uses a unique polyurethane spring that's flexible, resistant, and shock absorbing. And, because the spring is closest to the dog, it's designed to quickly absorb shock. A cushy neoprene handle provides a comfy grip.

$30 at Zee Dog.

5. Lickety Stik Gel Treats 

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The Lickety Stik Gel gives your pup a low-cal, vitamin charged lickety treat! Slurp! Photo: Petsafe

Dogs love Petsafe's Lickety Stiks lickable treats. Now there's a new texture and manner of delivery, through an easy-dispense bottle with a dial to help measure the amount of tasty gel released at a time. Offered in five flavors, the gel has added health benefits, targeting immunity, bone and joint, skin and coat, digestive, and stress and anxiety.

$7.99, available in spring online and at pet retailers nationwide. 

6. Zututh Breeze Toothbrush 

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Brush up, baby! The Zututh electric toothbrush makes effective brushing fast and easy. Photo: Zututh

Dog toothbrushes aren't new. But an electric dog toothbrush made with a unique angle to literally surround each tooth is. The Z-shaped head and ergonomic handle cover more surface of your dog's mouth, reducing brushing time (awesome!) and maintaining effectiveness. Available in small, medium, and large sizes. 

$9.99 at Zututh. 

7. Petlinks Scents of Security 

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Now you can be "with" your anxious dog all the time. Give him a toy...that smells like you! Photo: Petlinks

I loved these new toys by Petlinks, designed to help calm and comfort dogs by providing them with a toy that smells like their owners. The Scents of Security group of toys each contain a pocket into which the dog owner can insert an article of his or her clothing. 

$7.99 and up, available at retailers nationwide. 

8. Auto Grass by Kurgo 

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Kurgo Auto Grass will keep you and your dog safe by eliminating a driver's doggie distractions. Photo: Kurgo

Finally, a solution to distracting paws or curious dog nose coming at you while you're driving! The Kurgo Auto Grass is a plastic mat that fits in the front seat center console. Pets opt out of putting their paws into the funny-looking (and funny-feeling) plastic grass so they stay in the back. A bonus: The grass easily holds your cellphone. 

$30 nationwide or at the Kurgo website.

9. Tracerz by Innovet Pet Products 

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Help your blind dog feel more confident as he learns his way around a new environment. Photo: Tracerz

Although dogs are extremely adaptable, sometimes a little help is good. Tracerz are scent markers that help blind dogs (and cats) figure out their environment. The calming blend of essential oils help distinguish the markers from other household products. Tracerz can be affixed to most anything in your home to help your pet adjust to blindness quicker and with less anxiety. (We wrote about them in Scented Products Help Blind Dogs "See" with Their Snouts.)

$19.99 at Innovet Pet.

10. Modapet Bowls 

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Pretty and practical! Gotta love that! Modapet bowls have new colors and design updates. Photo: Modapet

For Modapet fans, here's good news: new colors and designs! For those who aren't familiar with these stylish and funky bowls, listen up. Modapet bowls are BPA-free, made of food-grade polymer, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus, their durable non-slip bases keep the bowls in place. And, well, a little color never hurt anyone! The Mango Tango (pictured) features a cool new hue, larger non-slip base, and a more curved rim to further prevent spilling. 

$14.95-$24.95 online

What do you think, guys? Any of these products sound like must-haves for your household? Share in the comments below! 


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