Biologists Rescue Bear Cub. Cub's Future May be Problematic

 |  Aug 15th 2010  |   1 Contribution

Here's a feel good story straight out of Yahoo news. Biologists were able to remove a plastic jar from the head of a bear cub. Without removal the cub almost certainly would have perished.

OCALA, Fla. A black bear cub in Florida affectionately known as "jarhead" can finally enjoy a good meal.

A clear plastic container was removed from the 6-month-old cub's head after being stuck for at least 10 days. The cub poked its head into the jar when digging through trash in a neighborhood in central Florida.
Biologists say the cub was days away from death because the jar made it impossible to eat or drink. The team had to tranquilize the mother bear and then grab the cub to remove the jar from the bear's head.
The subdued mother was then put in a trap and the cubs followed. After she awoke and nursed the cubs, the bears were moved to a less populated area nearby.

Of course, I worry about a bear cub that has developed the habit of dumpster diving at such a young age. This poor cub may grow into a "nuisance bear" as an adult. That, sadly, would be very bad news for the bear.

Note: I had planned a creative, high bandwidth post for today. Unfortunately Comcast stood me up last week (depending on how you count, they stood me up either four times or five times) so I am left with super-substandard internet access. Maybe the good post will come tomorrow -- or maybe I'll be calling a different internet provider tomorrow.


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