Billionaire Graeme Hart Rescues New Zealand Dog and His Three People Off Burning Boat

 |  Jan 28th 2007  |   2 Contributions

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Way to go Graeme!

Thanks to Radio New Zealand for this article.

Billionaire Graeme Hart rescues three people and dog from burning boat

Billionaire Graeme Hart rescued three people and their dog after a boat fire at Waiheke Island on Tuesday night.

The blaze aboard the 30ft launch started shortly before midnight in Church Bay.

Waiheke Island Chief Fire Officer Ron Leonard says the boat had drifted away by the time he and his crew reached the scene.

He says that fortunately Mr Hart saw the drama unfold and went to assist - bringing those on board to shore, where an ambulance was waiting.

A woman was flown to Auckland Hospital with severe burns.

The boat could not be saved and was burnt to the water-line; then sank.


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