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Our Dogs 101 section is chockfull of helpful tips for taking your dog on a trip or choosing the best pet accessories for your home. We’ll steer you towards the best options for beds, collars, carriers and all sorts of dog gear, and assist you in everything from finding a dog-friendly business to decoding pet insurance lingo or choosing your next pet’s name! Read up on the documents you’ll need for your next international trip with your dog or get advice from the pros on taking the perfect dog picture. Your dog deserves the best and we’re here to help with Dogs 101.

Talk About Dogs 101

Consider the Season When Flying Your Dog in Cargo

It is my understanding that the cargo areas in the airplane are heated, and that animals are attended to between flights (i.e. not left out on the tarmac). You could call the airlines and inquire. My Pomeranian was flown to me in cargo. It seems the major issue in flying cargo is that in the summer months it can get too hot for some breeds (i.e. pugs) and the airlines will not fly them in cargo during hot months for this reason.

Katy S., owner of a a Pomeranian

When you rescue a dog from a shelter, it's ok to change its name

Changing his name from the name assigned at the shelter is fine and it's a good way to get your dog to learn his new name. Get a handful of yummy treats. Feed them one at a time, saying the pup's new name in varying tones and volume as the food hits his mouth. This helps create a positive association with their name, and ultimately helps with recall too.

Karolyn W., owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer/Boxer