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Our Dogs 101 section is chockfull of helpful tips for taking your dog on a trip or choosing the best pet accessories for your home. We’ll steer you towards the best options for beds, collars, carriers and all sorts of dog gear, and assist you in everything from finding a dog-friendly business to decoding pet insurance lingo or choosing your next pet’s name! Read up on the documents you’ll need for your next international trip with your dog or get advice from the pros on taking the perfect dog picture. Your dog deserves the best and we’re here to help with Dogs 101.

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How to Help Dogs that Get Car Sick

If your dog gets car sickness start be getting him okay with the cat. Just sit in the car together with the engine running and don't go anywhere. Let him relax and enjoy the company and time with you. Increase the time you spend in the car until you can turn on the car and go for a very short drive without the dog getting sick. Drive for a couple of minutes, then get out and walk around. It will be good socialization and the pup will realize that car means new places and people. Increase the time and distance. It takes patience but take the dog every chance you get. We once decided to get some meds from the vet, but we had very bad results. He was sedated but no less anxious and still his stomach was very upset. And in addition to all of this he didn't trust us to hand feed him for 3 days. Eventually we got him used to the car and he now goes everywhere with us and "going for a ride" iss the highlight of his day. So sorry for the long response but please don't drug your dog, give him something more herbal or natural (one brand has already been suggested) and work on him slowly. Good luck and I hope you see good results! :-h

Lael C., owner of a American Staffordshire Terrier

Dog Laws to be Aware of

There are many laws pertaining to dogs, however they will vary depending on where you live. Many places have laws such as - Dogs must be leashed Fines for not cleaning up after your dog Fines for excessive barking Breed Specific Laws Bite Laws City or Town License requirements You also may not allowed to bring a dog into many places such as restaurants, some stores, etc. You will usually see signs on the door when a dog is not allowed, otherwise you may want to ask if it is okay to bring your dog into an establishment. The best bet is to go to your city or town website and search the laws there, or visit city hall for the specifics of being a responsible, law abiding dog owner in your town.

Tracey G., owner of a Sato