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Our Dogs 101 section is chockfull of helpful tips for taking your dog on a trip or choosing the best pet accessories for your home. We’ll steer you towards the best options for beds, collars, carriers and all sorts of dog gear, and assist you in everything from finding a dog-friendly business to decoding pet insurance lingo or choosing your next pet’s name! Read up on the documents you’ll need for your next international trip with your dog or get advice from the pros on taking the perfect dog picture. Your dog deserves the best and we’re here to help with Dogs 101.

Talk About Dogs 101

Airplane Travel with a Puppy

I've only flown Lufthansa and United when taking my dog along in the cabin. Both airlines allow carriers of up to 22" x 14" x 9". And yes, the dog has to stay inside the carrier during the entire flight but usually no one says anything if you open the top of the bag. For a flight within the US most airlines charge something like $80-$100 for a pet in the cabin. Oh, and if you take your dog in the cabin you have to let the airline know in advance anyway because only a limited number of pets are allowed inside the cabin.

Stefanie C., owner of a a Havanese

Tips on taking photos with your camera phone

For best results with a camera phone, take the photos outside, in the sunlight, shooting away from the sun. i.e. Have the dog facing the sunlight but you face the camera away.

Jayj G., owner of a Labrador Retriever/Jack Russell Terrier