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10 Best Collars for Puppies 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Dogster Team

10 Best Collars for Puppies 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks


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brown puppy with a fashion collar

New puppy parents often find themselves overwhelmed trying to accumulate all the essential items for their new pet. If you put all the puppy-nalia in order of importance, a collar would be close to the top. Although a collar may seem easy, finding the right one for your pup is not simple.

With hundreds of options available, how do you find the best collar for your new pooch?

In the article below, we shared 10 of our favorite puppy collars. You will find reviews on each, plus all the stats you need to make an informed decision. We have also compiled a buyer’s guide with tips on finding the right size and which details are most important.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (Updated in 2024)

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
WAUDOG QR Passport Cotton Dog Collar WAUDOG QR Passport Cotton Dog Collar
  • QR passport tag
  • Quick-release buckle with blocker
  • Retains warmth and wicks moisture
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Outdoor Ultra Reflective Nylon Dog Collar Frisco Outdoor Ultra Reflective Nylon Dog Collar
  • Adjustable
  • Reflective stitching
  • Durable material and D rings
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Mighty Paw LED Dog Collar Mighty Paw LED Dog Collar
  • Weather-resistant
  • LED strips with 3 modes
  • Durable material and buckle
  • Best Leather Collar
    Frisco Top Grain Leather Collar Frisco Top Grain Leather Collar
  • Handcrafted leather
  • Wears well over time
  • Durable construction
  • Frisco Tie Dye Swirl Polyester Personalized Dog Collar Frisco Tie Dye Swirl Polyester Personalized Dog Collar
  • Custom embroidery
  • Soft contour buckle
  • Durable material & hardware
  • The 10 Best Collars for Puppies

    1. WAUDOG QR Passport Cotton Dog Collar – Best Overall

    WAUDOG QR Passport Cotton Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 9⅛” to 13¾”
    Material: Hypoallergenic Cotton/Poly blend
    Buckle Type: Plastic toggle buckle

    The best overall puppy collar is the WAUDOG QR Passport Cotton Dog Collar. Not only is it cute, but it has all the puppy essentials you need. Made of a hypoallergenic cotton/polyester blend and recycled raw materials, it is friendly to our ecosystem. The band also retains warmth and wicks moisture, keeping your little one warm and dry.

    The ⅝-inch collar width comes in purple, blue, pink, brown, or gray, depending on your puppy’s personality. More important than color is the collar’s durability. You won’t need to worry about your pet getting loose with the sturdy fabric and buckle. The closure buckle also comes with a blocker and a quick release.

    The WAUDOG has a pet tag with a QR passport to keep your pup extra safe. It also has reflective stitching for taking walks when the sun is not as bright; plus, it’s adjustable. We don’t recommend this collar for extra-tiny puppies, though, fitting neck sizes between 9⅛-inch to 13¾-inch (or dogs between up to 66 pounds).

    Comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash, this puppy collar will quickly become your and your pooch’s best choice. WAUDOG provides a lifetime warranty on the collar’s hardware as a bonus.

    • Hypoallergenic, durable material
    • Retains warmth and wicks moisture
    • Quick-release buckle with blocker
    • Reflective stitching
    • QR passport tag
    • Not recommended for extra-small breed puppies

    2. Frisco Outdoor Ultra Reflective Nylon Dog Collar – Best Value

    Frisco Outdoor Ultra Reflective Nylon Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 8” to 14”
    Material: Nylon webbing
    Buckle Type: Plastic toggle

    If you are looking for a good collar on a budget, the Frisco Outdoor Ultra Reflective Nylon Dog Collar is the best puppy collar for the money. As the name suggests, the durable nylon webbing is stitched with reflective material, making your puppy easy to see in low light. It’s also available in four bright colors, including pink, red, blue, and gray.

    Frisco collars fit neck sizes between 8 and 14 inches or 1 and 30 pounds. The collar is ⅝-inch in width and outfitted with a lightweight yet secure toggle buckle. The buckle is also curved slightly to add to your pet’s comfort. However, it doesn’t have a blocker like our first option.

    The adjustable collar lets you find the right fit for your puppy, and the D-ring and tag ring are durable. Easy to clean, this option doesn’t have moisture-wicking or heat-retaining abilities, but it is a safe and hardy option for a great price.

    • Durable material and D rings
    • Dependable curved buckle
    • Reflective stitching
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to clean
    • No buckle blocker
    • Doesn’t hold warm or dispel water

    3. Mighty Paw LED Dog Collar – Premium Choice

    Mighty Paw LED Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 13” to 17”
    Material: Premium nylon webbing
    Buckle Type: Plastic toggle

    If you spend a lot of time outdoors in low light, the Mighty Paw LED Dog Collar is a great choice. While it’s more costly than our other options, the two LED light strips will make your pup visible in the darkest locations. Available for young dogs with neck widths between 13 and 17 inches, it’s important to note the 1-inch width is likely better for larger breeds.

    Made of weather-resistant nylon, low light is not a problem, nor is rain or snow. It comes with a rubber charging seal, too. Mighty Paw LED is an adjustable collar that comes in orange or green. The LED lights have three modes: quick flash, slow flash, and steady light. The battery, when fully charged, is said to last six hours.

    Something missing from this collar is the additional rings for ID tags. While the D-ring for your leash is dependable, there is not much extra room for identification. As a trade-off, you get a USB charging cable instead. Comfortable and durable, with a secure plastic toggle, this collar is more expensive than most.

    • LED strips with three modes
    • Weather-resistant
    • Durable material and buckle
    • Rubber charger cover
    • Recommended for larger breeds
    • No additional rings for tags

    4. Frisco Top Grain Leather Collar – Best Leather Collar

    Frisco Top Grain Leather Collar

    Neck Size: 9¾” to 14”
    Material: Latigo Leather
    Buckle Type: Metal belt buckle

    While nylon collars are the most common, some pet parents prefer leather. Based on our research, the Frisco Top Grain Leather Collar is the best in this category. It is handcrafted from Latigo leather, so the quality improves over time. The colors (black or brown) stay vibrant, and the material becomes more supple and comfortable for your pup as the belt ages.

    Many leather collars are often stiff when you first get them. The Frisco Top Grain doesn’t escape it completely, but it is a lot more manageable than most. Sizing is available in small and extra small for neck sizes ranging from 9¾ to 14 inches, which is good for having it grow with your pet. You can also choose from ⅜-inch or ⅝-inch collar width. Keep in mind, however, this is another option more suited toward larger breeds with a weight limit of 10 to 30 pounds.

    This pup belt is shown to be weather and wear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet or stretching it out. The belt buckle-style closure is durable, along with the attached D-ring. The overall construction of the collar is great, yet it lacks reflective material. You will need to be more cautious in low light. It should be noted that this collar may be difficult to clean in case your pooch likes to roll in mud…or other substances.

    • Handcrafted leather
    • Wears well over time
    • Durable construction
    • Weather-resistant
    • Not recommended for smaller breeds
    • No reflective material
    • Not easy to clean

    5. Frisco Tie Dye Swirl Polyester Personalized Dog Collar

    Frisco Tie Dye Swirl Polyester Personalized Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 8” to 14”
    Material: Polyester webbing
    Buckle Type: Plastic toggle

    If you are worried about your new puppy getting lost, the Frisco Tie Dye Swirl Polyester Personalized Dog Collar is the way to go if you have an escape artist on your hands. Made of bright tie-dye colors, you can custom embroider up to 24 characters onto the outside of the collar. Pick black, blue, or purple threading to add your name, phone number, address, or any info you feel is necessary.

    Constructed of polyester webbing, there is no need to worry about the collar ripping or tearing at the seams. It has Frisco’s Ultra-Weld seal, which indicates it can handle seven times the recommended weight. The nickel-coated D-ring is also durable, as is the ID tag ring.

    This option is ⅝-inch in width and adjustable. It is available for young dogs with a neck size between 8 and 14 inches and 1 to 30 pounds. Unfortunately, it has no reflective stitching, so care should be taken after sunset. In addition to that, the custom embroidery makes this collar more expensive than most.

    Frisco Tie Dye Swirl is comfortable and easy to clean. The soft contour buckle adds to your pup’s comfort as the curve fits their neck nicely. Be warned, though, that research has shown the buckle is not always secure. Although durable, it has been known to slip out of place occasionally.

    • Custom embroidery
    • Durable material & hardware
    • Bright colors
    • Soft contour buckle
    • More expensive
    • Buckle can slip lose
    • No reflective material

    6. PawFurEver Waterproof Dog Collar

    PawFurEver's Waterproof & Odorless Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 7” to 10.5”
    Material: Biothane
    Buckle Type: Metal belt buckle

    If you and your puppy love the outdoors and often come home needing a bath, the PawFurEver Waterproof Dog Collar is for you. Pet parents love this option as it’s waterproof and easy to clean and doesn’t hold odors. With a width of ⅝-inch, it’s recommended for neck sizes between 7 and 10½ inches or 1 and 20 pounds.

    The Biothane polyester webbing is durable and comfortable for your pooch. It can pull their fur a bit, though. Additionally, this is another collar needing more reflection for low-light trips outside. The colors are bright, however. There are five duo colors to choose from, each with metal hardware.

    We noticed some customers found the belt buckle stiff and harder to secure. Remember that for wiggly pups, plus, it’s not as adjustable as a typical collar. PawFurEver is made in the USA. It has a hardy D-ring with enough room for a leash and ID tag.

    • Waterproof
    • Easy to clean with no odor
    • Durable material
    • Bright duo-colors
    • Buckle is harder to secure
    • Material can pull fur
    • No reflective material
    • Not as adjustable

    7. OmniPet Signature Leather Dog Collar

    OmniPet Signature Leather Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 8” to 14”
    Material: Genuine Leather
    Buckle Type: Nickel belt buckle

    OmniPet Signature Leather Dog Collar is another option in the leather category. Made in the USA, it is constructed of 100% genuine leather, and you can choose from black, pink, red, and blue. This collar has the customary belt-like buckle made of resilient nickel, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose. There is also a large D-ring for IDs and a leash.

    OmniPet comes in lengths between 8 and 14 inches for smaller pets and puppies. While we could not locate a weight recommendation, you can have either a ½-inch or ¾-inch collar width. This is on the bigger side for smaller breeds, so keep that in mind.

    This collar is easy to clean, and the colors wear well over time. On the other hand, the belt’s length is known to be shorter than what is specified. Moreover, the durability and sturdy stitching leave much to be desired. Stronger pups may be able to pull themselves free.

    Like most leather collars, you also won’t have stitching that reflects light, which is helpful if you walk your pooch at night. A bit on the stiff side, you can, nevertheless, adjust the sizing so your dog is comfortable.

    • 100% genuine leather
    • Easy to clean
    • Nickel hardware
    • Adjustable
    • Construction is not durable
    • No reflective material
    • Runs small in length
    • Stiff

    8. Frisco Fashion Collar

    Frisco Fashion Collar

    Neck Size: 8” to 14”
    Material: Nylon webbing
    Buckle Type: Metal toggle

    Frisco Fashion Collar is a good choice for adding a little panache to your pup’s style. Designed in a red buffalo plaid pattern with gold hardware, this cute collar is great for pictures destined for IG, your screensaver, or sending to friends. You can find a good fit for young dogs weighing up to 30 pounds and have neck measurements between 8 and 14 inches.

    The Fashion Collar is ⅝-inch in width, adjustable, and made of nylon webbing. It’s important to note that this option is better suited for photo-ops than everyday use. The fabric is not as durable as we would hope; plus, it’s not easy to clean. The curved gold buckle, while comfortable, is not always secure. Extra attention should be paid while walking your pooch in a busy area.

    A deeper look at this option shows that both the D-ring and ID tag ring are durable, but not all collars come with the latter. As you can imagine, this option has nothing reflective, and the colors are quite dark—another reason to keep this as a “fashion” choice only. Finally, the collar is not as adjustable as we would like. Your pet will likely outgrow it quickly.

    • Fashionable look
    • Durable D-ring
    • Curved buckle
    • Material is not durable
    • Buckle not secure
    • Harder to clean
    • No reflective material

    9. Frisco Festive Plaid Dog Collar with Removeable Plaid Bow

    Frisco Festive Plaid Dog Collar with Removeable Plaid Bow

    Neck Size: 8” to 14”
    Material: Polyester webbing
    Buckle Type: Plastic toggle

    Like our eighth pick, the Frisco Festive Plaid Dog Collar with Removable Plaid Bow is perfect for adding sophistication to a dapper little dude. You can choose either red or green plaid, both of which come with adorable removable bow tie. Unlike most fashion collars, though, the plaid material is stitched over polyester webbing. Designed this way, it makes cleaning more difficult, and the outer fabric tears easily.

    Frisco Festive has a D-ring and ID tag ring, which are well constructed. The overall construction is not, however. According to our findings, the plastic buckle is prone to breaking, and the stitching rips out. The collar doesn’t have a lot of give, either. There is very little adjustment, which can be dangerous for your pet. Plus, there is no reflection to speak of with this one.

    Puppies between 1 and 30 pounds with a neck width of 8 to 14 inches are supposed to fit this collar. Many customers find the double-layered material to be too thick for smaller breeds. This may also make the collar stiff and uncomfortable.

    • Cute fashion collar
    • Durable D-ring and ID tag ring
    • Removable bow
    • Material and hardware is not durable
    • Double-material is too thick
    • Hard to clean
    • No reflection

    10. Frisco Patterned Neoprene Dog Collar

    Frisco Patterned Neoprene Dog Collar

    Neck Size: 10” to 14”
    Material: Polyester webbing and neoprene lining
    Buckle Type: Plastic toggle

    The Frisco Patterned Neoprene Dog Collar is good for a larger pooch with sensitive skin. It is made of dual material and has a poly webbing outer layer with a soft Neoprene inner layer. Sporting a light gray background, you can pick either a rose or pineapple pattern. As mentioned, larger breeds are preferred due to the minimum neck size of 10 inches and a minimum of 15 pounds.

    The collar is ¾-inch in width. The hardware is indicated to be tested with seven times the recommended weight, but it’s unclear whether both the buckle and D-ring are included in that feature. The plastic buckle, for example, has shown to be faulty and very large. The nickel-coated D-ring tends to hold better, but the plastic ID tag ring does not.

    Overall, the construction of this belt is not great. If you have a hyper or strong puppy, you will likely go through several of these quickly. Adjusting the collar is also difficult, likely due to the thickness of the double material. Many pet parents find the dual material too heavy, as well. With no reflection of light for night walks, this collar is only recommended for specific situations like larger passive pups with sensitive skin.

    • Soft Neoprene inside
    • Durable D-ring
    • Cute Patterns
    • Construction is not durable
    • Material is thick and heavy
    • Hard to adjust
    • No reflective material
    • Smaller breeds not recommended


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Collar for Your Puppy

    If you want to find the perfect collar companion for your new fur baby, look at the guide below. We shared the best way to determine your dog’s collar size, plus some additional tips on features that are essential for their safety and comfort.

    cropped woman hugging her puppy with red and teal waterproof collar

    Tips for Finding the Right Size Collar

    There are a lot of details about your puppy’s collar you want to consider, but the most important is size. If it doesn’t fit correctly, it can cause many headaches for you and your pet. For example, if the collar is too big, they may be able to slip out of it. On the flip side, an option that is too small is uncomfortable and can cause chafing.

    To avoid these situations, you need to be as precise as possible when determining the right collar fit. Thankfully, the steps to get it right are simple.

    • Fabric measuring tape, or
    • String and ruler
    • Bowl of food
    • Pen and paper
    • To get the most accurate measurement, you want your pooch to be still. A little coaxing with treats goes a long way to help with this.
    • Use your fabric measuring tape (or string) to encircle the center of their throat. Ideally, you want to be slightly down from their head, but not at the base of their neck.
    • There should be no slack, but it also shouldn’t be tight. You’re on the right track if you can comfortably get two fingers under the string.
    • Write down the measurement on a piece of paper. Use a ruler to get the length if you used string.

    We recommend adding an inch for smaller breeds and two for larger breeds. The extra room will ensure a good fit if the one you pick happens to run small. If you’re stuck between sizes, go with the bigger option. Collars are adjustable, and your growing pup will need the extra space.

    Having your puppy’s weight on hand can also help you figure out the right size. Most collars give a weight recommendation, though the neck size should be considered first.

    Once you have your pet’s new collar in hand, refer to the two-finger rule. Adjust it so it’s snug, but still has enough room for you to slip two fingers between the collar and fur comfortably.

    • Tip: Most collars are adaptable to puppies and adult dogs. Although you can get a “puppy-specific” collar, it’s likely the perfect one will be an adult option in a small or extra-small size.

    side view of a white puppy wearing a leather collar

    Important Things to Consider When Finding the Right Puppy Collar for Your Needs

    Since we have already gone over the importance of size, we will jump into the other important details you should consider.


    Dog collars are made of several different materials. The right one for you is typically determined by your lifestyle, personal preference, and the breed of your pooch.

    Nylon and Polyester Webbing

    Nylon and polyester webbing are very similar, and they’re the most common type of collar material; not to mention, inexpensive. As both are so popular, you can expect a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles. You will also find the construction and durability varies, as well. Keep this in mind when choosing this type of collar.


    Leather is another common material, though usually more expensive. Collars that are new can also be stiff and need time to break in. It’s generally harder to clean, too. The reason for the popularity, however, is that leather collars are capable of lasting longer than the rest.

    What you want to stay away from is imitation or bonded leather. Bonded leather is more or less scrapes of real leather that are glued together. Even though they are less expensive, their durability is lacking, and they will likely disappoint you.

    Tip: Leather is our least favorite option for a puppy.  Young dogs have a tendency to chew on their collars which can ruin the leather. Your puppy is also going to outgrow it. We recommend waiting to invest your money until your fur baby graduates to adulthood

    Biothane and Neoprene

    Biothane and Neoprene are two good options if you spend a lot of time outdoors, swimming, or braving the elements. Both materials are weather-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. Both materials also come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

    Biothane is a coated polyester webbing while Neoprene is the same material used for scuba suits. The former is non-toxic and often cheaper. Be that as it may, the durability and construction can differ depending on brand and make.


    A collar’s hardware, and its durability, are yet another important element. Hardware consists of the buckle, D-rings, and adjustable guides. The last thing you want is for a buckle to pop free, or a D-ring to break letting your pup escape their leash.

    Typically, the buckle and connection rings are either plastic or metal (generally nickel-coated). Contrary to popular belief, plastic can be just as durable as metal; plus, it’s usually gentler on your pet’s skin. The best place to gauge hardware dependability is the comments section. Look for consistent complaints that indicate a flaw in manufacturing or design.

    You also want to look into the different buckle types. Do you want a toggle buckle or belt buckle?  Is the buckle curved to contour to your pooch’s neck? Also, do you want extra D-rings for ID tags?

    • Tip: Toggles tend to break easier while belts are harder to adjust.

    black and tan puppy with colorful collar sniffing the grass

    Reflective Material

    Reflective material or stitching is important so your pet can be seen by cars, bikes, and people in general when the light is low. Typically done with stitching, the metallic threads reflect light making your pup visible. Even if you don’t often walk your dog at night, it’s good to have some type of reflection in case they get lost. It keeps them safe and easier to spot.

    Other Details

    Here are a few other details to consider:
    • Easy to Clean: You want to consider how easy your collar is to clean and how easy it is to remove odors. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time outdoors with your fur baby.
    • ID Tags & Rings: Some collars come with ID tags or additional rings so you can add your own. It’s important to have your dog’s info securely attached to their collar in case of an emergency.
    • Style: This is a personal preference, but still, something that requires mentioning. Although you can find some adorable patterns and looks, make sure you check all the safety boxes first. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to purchase more than one. You can always have a photo-op collar, as well as their go-to collar.



    Finding the right puppy collar is not difficult if you know what you are looking for, and what’s important. Our first choice, the WAUDOG QR Passport, is a great example of having all the bells and whistles from safety to design. Frisco Outdoor Ultra Reflective is another option if you are on a budget, but love to be outdoors. The Mighty Paw LED Dog Collar is the creme de la creme for outdoor safety if you are willing to pay up.

    We hope our reviews helped you find the collar you need. Knowing what the most important features are along with your personal preferences is the best way to ensure you find a puppy collar that is perfect for you and your pup.

    Featured Image Credit: Chewy

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