Valley Bulldog

Combining qualities of the Boxer and the English Bulldog, the Valley Bulldog is sometimes calm and easygoing—especially around the house—but likes to mix things up with the occasional bout of goofy and boisterous play. Strong and intelligent, the Valley Bulldog needs firm but positive training when young.

Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldog Pictures

  • Valley Bulldog dog named Etsu
  • Valley Bulldog dog named Blister
  • Valley Bulldog dog named Diesel
  • Valley Bulldog dog named Mac
  • Valley Bulldog dog named Baby
  • Valley Bulldog dog named Harley Davidson Giberson
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Ideal Human Companions

    • Active singles
    • Outdoorsy types
    • Families
    • City dwellers

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Trademark Traits

    • Affectionate
    • Protective
    • Good sense of humor
    • Clever
    • Calm
    • Occasionally boisterous

What They Are Like to Live With

Generally welcoming to strangers, the Valley Bulldog nevertheless has a strong protective instinct. It makes a superb watchdog and an entertaining playmate for children. Affectionate and cuddly, the Valley Bulldog craves family time, belly scratches and backyard games.

Things You Should Know

The Valley Bulldog can live as long as 13 years. Common health issues include skin irritations, allergies and breathing problems that result from its broad muzzle. Make sure to regularly clean the skin folds on its face to prevent buildup and infection. Also monitor its diet: Valley Bulldogs should not be overfed and/or unexercised.

Valley Bulldog History

Named after Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, the Valley Bulldog dates back to at least the late 19th century. Supposedly bred for the Boxer’s athleticism and the Bulldog’s self-confidence, the Valley Bulldog continues to be a popular companion in its home country of Canada.

The Look of a Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldogs have muscular, medium-sized frames covered in short, smooth coats that usually come in white, brindle & white or various combinations of brindle, white, tan, fawn, black or red. Their wide heads have broad muzzles, widely set eyes, rose-shaped ears and wrinkly chins. They have strong necks that lead down to broad chests, firm and straight legs and either stumpy or curled tails.