English Springer Spaniel Dogs

English Springer Spaniels are a brilliant combination of sturdiness and dignity. They have an outgoing charm that mixes well with family occasions, picnics or dinner parties, yet they also can handle long, cold days outdoors. For hundreds of years, English Springer Spaniels have been cherished for their ability to switch to “family mode” after long days of hunting.

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Pictures

  • English Springer Spaniel dog named Merlin
  • English Springer Spaniel dog named Betsy  (1991-2005)
  • English Springer Spaniel dog named Tyler
  • English Springer Spaniel dog named Josie
  • English Springer Spaniel dog named Xu-Na
  • English Springer Spaniel dog named oreo
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Quick Facts

  • 45 – 55 pounds | male
    40 – 50 pounds | female
  • 19 - 21 inches | male
    18 - 20 inches | female

Ideal Human Companions

    • Sportsmen
    • Active, Outdoorsy types
    • Families

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Trademark Traits

    • Lovable
    • Social
    • Great with kids
    • Courageous
    • Lively
    • Loyal
    • Durable

What They Are Like to Live With

English Springer Spaniels love everybody, and everybody loves them. They are humble enough to adapt to child’s play, but they are secure enough to be comfortable around strangers and other pets. They are wonderful playmates for children and greet most strangers with an open heart. However, they have great protective instincts and will definitely sound the alarm if they sense a threat.

Things You Should Know

English Springers are people-oriented dogs. They need lots of attention, companionship and positive feedback to feel settled and centered. Left alone for too long, they can get bored. And a bored English Springer Spaniel could dig up a garden, bark for no reason or chew on shoes.

Springers can easily adapt to apartments or big-city situations. They need plenty of outdoor exercise, however, and have a special affection for water.

A healthy English Springer Spaniel can live as long as 14 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, epilepsy and eye problems. They are fairly easy to groom, but they do shed throughout the year. Regular brushing will keep their medium-length coats manageable and looking good. Also, English Springer Spaniels tend to gain weight. Don’t overfeed them or forget their daily walks.

English Springer Spaniel History

Dating back to the 1600s, Springer Spaniels have long been prized for their ability to assist hunters by driving or “springing” birds from bushes, trees and fields. In the late1880s, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels often appeared in the same litters, and it was not until 1902 that they were classified as distinct breeds based on size (the Springer being the larger dog, of course). The AKC first registered the breed in 1927, and to this day English Springer Spaniels continue to be valued for their agility, hunting skills, obedience and companionship.

The Look of a English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are medium-sized dogs with compact bodies and medium-length coats that grow feathery on their long ears, legs, chest and belly. Their heads are strong without seeming heavy, and their faces have a chiseled shape that gives them a pleasant expression. Their eyes are medium-sized, oval-shaped and somewhat sunken, giving off a bright and loving expression. They have long necks (about the length of their heads) that slope down to deep, developed chests. Their tails are usually docked, and their flat or wavy coats can come in black & white, liver & white, or blue or liver roan. Overall, English Springer Spaniels have a gallant, alert and sturdy look.

Talk About English Springer Spaniels 

Watchdogs that will lick intruders into submission

Our English Springer Spaniels are amazingly fun-loving and cuddly. I read once that in describing Springers you could only say, you know how your dog loves when you come home and wants to be with you and cuddle in your lap? An English Springer Spaniel could climb under your skin and still not be close enough! That's the best description I've heard.

They love to be with you all the time. My kids have grown up with our guy, and even at the ripe old age of 11 he still has lots of energy and playfulness. In all of his years, I've only heard him growl once. They are great alarm dogs, because they are happy to see visitors, but not so great watchdogs because they could only lick an intruder into submission. They are simply the best!

~William Sturdevant, owner of English Springer Spaniels

Quick to trust everyone

I had a beautiful English Springer Spaniel for 15 wonderful years. He was not only a very good-looking dog, he also had a wonderful, cheerful personality. As a sporting dog -- specifically hunting -- he did search the grounds for food, but that is true of any hunting breed.

He was very playful and loving and quick to trust any dog, person, or child who crossed his path. Any time a car drove by our house and beeped, he thought it was one of his friends coming to play. He loved to be used as a pillow.

I know many people complain about the shedding. He shed, but it was manageable.

He was purchased in a pet shop by a family who thought he was "cute." They had other dogs and didn't do any breed research at all. They almost starved him to death, and happily he came to me. We had an awesome life together, and I miss his expressive face every day.

~Cher, owner of an English Springer Spaniel

This breed rules!

The Springer Spaniel is the best dog for anyone who loves the outdoors, loves to take walks and just loves to watch their dog have fun. The field bred English Springer Spaniel is a fun dog that loves life and their family - but will let you know when danger exists.

Life with a Springer Spaniel is, in the first year, tough. They need constant supervision or a safe place away from shoes and any other thing they may chew - they will chew ANYTHING: furniture, electrical cords. Nothing is sacred, so beware, BUT the love they give is worth a pair of Nikes.

Going to the park EVERY day is essential - they love to run and will play well with any dog that wants to play - but you have to start early - the 3 essential things with Springers (or with any dog) are: come, sit, stay - everything else is gravy. AND if they disobey - ignore them - it rocks their world.

Get a Springer, but have it neutered or spayed and leave the breeding to the breeders. They are a GREAT family dog and will keep you happy with their sweet disposition and willingness to please. They are a FUN dog.

~Debbie F., owner of an English Springer Spaniel