Afghan Hound Dogs

Because of their elegant appearance, Afghan Hounds have built a reputation as austere and fashionable city dogs. In truth, Afghans are energetic and athletic and totally outgoing.

Afghan Hound

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Quick Facts

  • 45 - 65 pounds
  • 24 - 29 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Active, sporty types
    • Families
    • Hair stylists

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Trademark Traits

    • Luxurious coat
    • Independent
    • Dignified
    • Devoted
    • Super-fast

What They Are Like to Live With

The Afghan may seem a little reserved with new people. But around the home they are much more relaxed, easygoing and even humorous, rolling around on the carpet and cracking jokes. Not especially protective, Afghan Hounds still form very strong bonds with their families. They need lots of love, attention and togetherness.

Things You Should Know

Afghan Hounds needs a good half-hour walk every day to stay in mental and physical shape. Not the best apartment dogs, they should have a decent-sized back yard to frolic in. Just make sure you have a fence, and a tall one at that: These dogs can leap great heights. Remember to always keep the Afghan Hound on a leash in public.

Afghan Hounds can live as long as 14 years. Generally healthy, some can develop hip dysplasia and cataracts. Grooming can be somewhat of an ordeal with Afghan Hounds. Their long, luxurious coats need daily brushing and regular bathing to stay under control. However, they are not excessive shedders.

Afghan Hound History

Westerners discovered Afghan Hounds in 19th-century Afghanistan, where they had been prized hunting and herding dogs for several thousand years. Nimble, strong and quick-footed over Afghanistan’s rugged landscapes, these dogs guarded livestock and hunted gazelles and leopards. Today, they combine a working dog’s energy with a household companion’s charm.

The Look of a Afghan Hound

Exotic and beautiful, Afghan Hounds really stand out in a crowd. They have narrow heads and tall, slender frames covered in long, silky hair that can come in almost any color. Their ears, also covered in silky hair, hang low. They have dark, almond-shaped eyes and large, black noses. Their long necks lead to straight backs and upright, curled tails. Overall, Afghan Hounds look poised and dignified.

Talk About Afghan Hounds 

A dignified dog that loves to wear clothes

This breed is often called dumb and aloof, but it is far from the truth. Yes, they are NOT a happy-go-lucky slobbering retriever that will do anything just for a pat or a "Good dog." Afghans are thinkers.

For example, based on two that I owned since puppyhood, they are very easily housebroken. Of the 5 Afghans that I've owned, rarely did I have to clean up anything that they left behind. My present Afghan of barely 1 year comes and gets me when she has to go, and will even nibble my arm if I don't respond. She is so clean that when we go for walks, she almost always holds it until we are back into our own yard.

Although they can run fast and can't always be trusted off-lead (they are SIGHT hounds, after all), they will quickly crash and flop down as long as they know you are close by. My Afghan is so gentle that she plays with our toy poodle's toys and doesn't destroy them. We've never had anything chewed up or destroyed in our home.

She is crate trained and will often retreat when she is worn out or wants some downtime. She is great with tiny children, will look them in the eye, sniff them, and then let them pet and look at her, all with a gentleness that was not "trained" into her.

These dogs DO love to run and romp, but they are not a high-energy dog. Although typically not ravenous eaters (mine self-feeds), they are often food-motivated, which can make training easy. My Afghan learned "sit, down, and shake a paw" all in less than 1 week.

Their hair is much like that of a Shih-Tzu, Maltese, and Yorkie -- but in a MUCH bigger package! So if you don't keep up on the grooming, it can get out-of-hand quickly. Daily brushing is not a necessity unless your dog is running through the woods. Two to three times a week should be okay, and a bath every 1-2 months.

Also, my Afghans have never minded wearing clothes. As a pup, our present Afghan wore boots, raincoat, and even a tutu at Halloween! They are very nonchalant, patient, and loving in a very dignified manner.

Afghans make great family pets, live long for a large breed, and always look like royalty when you are walking with them. When people gush over your dog, it will seem to say "Oh hi, yes, I know I'm beautiful, and I'm fine with you petting me -- but I save my kisses for those special times with my human!"

~Wendy, owner of an Afghan Hound

Very clean dogs

I love the history and personality of the Afghan Hound. They are very clean dogs, females housebreak easily, are loyal, good and protective watchdogs. They do steal however, and food must be kept under lock and key They are comical with their antics, very sensitive and very intelligent; I have had several over 30 years and never one that was not intelligent -- it's a total falsehood that they are dumb.

The only negative is the time required for grooming but you can keep them in a puppy-clip (I do, since my girls are 12+ years old now.) They do not have doggy odor --do not drool-- an ideal house pet since they do love their couches and beds! After Afs for so long, I couldn't own another breed!

~Carol R., owner of an Afghan Hound