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Pooping Dog Lamps by UK Artist Whatshisname: Do or Don't?

Give your end table a sense of humor with this pooping dog lamp.

 |  Jun 7th 2012  |   13 Contributions

You all remember the sexy leg lamp "major award" from A Christmas Story, right? Wrapped in a fishnet stocking, the lusty lighting fixture glowed with a lurid light until it met a rather unfortunate demise.

Well, just in case you've got a penchant for the obscene yet utilitarian -- and you also have an appreciation for the sheer unabashed dirty reality of dogs -- here are some lamps from UK artist Whatshisname that embrace the humor and humility of the once-wild wolves we've brought into our homes.

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With a switch shaped like a turd, this piece is called "Good Boy."

The reality of dog ownership is that there will be poop -- lots and lots of poop. And you will have to pick up the poop and tote it around in a little baggie until a garbage receptacle becomes available. When one welcomes a dog into her life, one's life becomes centered around poop: wondering if the dog has pooped, walking the dog so she poops, suddenly finding oneself at the pet store wondering which cute dog poop bag dispenser to adorn the dog's leash with, you name it.

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Ah yes, we're so glad this exists.

As a part time dog walker, yours truly is totally unfazed by dog poop. All joking aside -- monitoring your dog's bowel movements can be an important indicator of her health! So a dog-pooping lamp? We've already illuminated the significance of accepting dog poop along with dog companionship, so, sure, why the heck not? Why not make some art out of it?

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Much more suitable for tabletops is the companion piece: "Good Puppy."

Would you put one of these in your home?

Via Laughing Squid, some images via Dejoost


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