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This Dog is All Like, "Oooh, Girl, Do NOT Get My Hair Wet"

It's not that this dog doesn't like swimming, it's that she just went to the groomer's and doesn't want to get her hair wet. I totally understand.

 |  Dec 20th 2013  |   4 Contributions

Yeah, I know -- it's winter. It's a little too soon to start dreaming of having mimosas poolside, but for this pack of mutts, it's totally free swim time, and I am feeling this diva so much it might as well be summertime.

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Sometimes you have to get ugly to get cute.

Cause, you see, my hairdo is my pride and joy. Maintaining its pinkness and its style is a full-time job. I only wash it twice a week (Mondays and Fridays, so please don't call on me on those days) and after taking an hour to blow dry and flatiron it straight, I sleep with a silk night cap to preserve its style (for all my curly hair and heavily-textured hair ladies out there, I highly recommend donning a cap to bed). So when it comes to swimming, I don't actually swim. Instead I bob around in my bikini with a champagne flute in one hand and the other hand shielding me from errant splashes of style-melting, color-eating chlorinated pool water.

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Hahah, get it? FETCH the pool boy?

In fact, I look a little bit like this dog, who is a diva after my own heart. In the video, she bobs around, uninterested in doggy paddling like the canines around her, and yet she's obviously having a fantastic time otherwise she wouldn't be in the pool to start with.

Let us raise a martini to the diva non-doggy-paddling dog!

Hat tip to Dlisted

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