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We Are Obsessed With a Capybara Named Cheesecake Who Fosters Orphaned Puppies

A capybara named Cheesecake adopts a litter of Doxies at the Rocky Ridge Refuge.

 |  Mar 15th 2013  |   35 Contributions

UPDATE: And now there's VIDEO of Cheesecake the capybara mothering these puppies!!!

In yet another example of What We Can Learn From Animals, here is a capybara snuggling with a litter of puppies, ignoring all species boundaries for the sake of love.

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Just a capybara and a puppy -- no big deal.

Remember those Dachshund puppies we told you about? The ones someone stuffed in a closed plastic bin and then dumped behind a church? Fortunately, before they suffocated to death, the puppies were discovered by someone at the facility and handed over to the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas (but not before someone at the church adopted one of the puppies -- yay!).

The refuge has a history of taking in an assortment of animals besides companion critters -- it even housed Guinness Book of World Records setting Lurch, a Watusi whose horn-span earned him international fame.

So have they got room for a bunch of wriggling Doxie puppies? You bet they do!

And who better to foster them than a capybara named Cheesecake?

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Rodent? Puppy? Whatever.

Sure, a capybara is just a really, really big guinea pig (in fact, it's the largest rodent in the world), but that doesn't mean that one can't foster some puppies. Animals don't see differences like that. As long as everyone is well fed, they'd all much rather be friends than food.

And we're glad for it, because the results are adorable.

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The kisses are too cute.

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Oh my goodness, stop the cuteness.

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We've officially reached CRITICAL CUTENESS.

We bet you never thought you'd see a rodent snuggling some puppies. And we bet you didn't expect to see that combination in this form. To that we say, "You're welcome and happy Friday."

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Too cute.

The abandoned puppies are doing well, and, after a harrowing start, are all set for comfortable lives ahead of them.

Check out the Rocky Ridge Refuge page for more adorable photos of the puppies, Cheesecake, and all the other wild and wonderful animals who call the refuge home.

While the puppies are adoptable, the capybara, unfortunately, is not.

Photos via the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page

UPDATE: Dog bless the Internet! Now there's VIDEO of Cheesecake the capybara mothering these puppies!!!


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