After receiving around 2,000 entries and almost 9,000 votes, we have our amazing winners in this year’s categories of Dirty Dog, Get Your Tongue Out and Healthy Pup. The competition was so good, in fact, we just had to publish the finalist photos, too.
Enjoy these pawesome photos as much as we do!
Get Your Tongue Out Winners: Sheila Hippe & Ollie

“Ollie is very food-motivated and loves posing for the camera,” explains Sheila about her winning photo. “I take pics of him every chance I get. He’s just so handsome and photogenic. Not a day goes by without him having his tongue out. It’s his trademark.”
Two-year-old Cavapoo Ollie has been with Sheila and her husband, Nick, since 9 weeks old. “Ollie keeps us going with his fun and energetic personality,” Sheila says. “He loves outdoor activities like biking, kayaking and boating.”

Ollie also gives back. “We have participated in the Walk for Animals MN for the past two years,” Sheila says. “It’s such a great cause to support because it provides animals in need with food, shelter and medical care. He’s also a pupbassador for Sidewalk Dog, which promotes all things dog-friendly, and connects homeless pups to furever homes.”

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Dirty Dog Winners: Sarah Jacobson & Trudy
“We had been asked by Belle and Bark, a small company Trudy models for, to test out a super durable fabric for adventurous dogs,” Sarah says, describing how she got the winning photo. “As soon as we encountered a giant mud pit, Trudy laid right in it. She LOVES mud, and acts like she’s at the spa when she’s in it, closing her eyes and smiling in pure bliss.”

Sarah and husband Eron Lloyd got Trudy as a puppy in 2017. Sarah says, “To say that she brought us much-needed joy is an understatement, and we are forever grateful for her cuddles!”

Trudy’s loves? Soft toys, which includes cat toys — much to the consternation of her cat brother. She also loves popcorn, pieces of pizza crust and anything involving water. Sarah says, “Trying to get an 80-pound, water-loving dog to move away from the water when she’s stubborn and doesn’t want to can be a real challenge!”

Follow Trudy on Instagram @Trudy_McTrudester. Sponsored by Vetericyn Animal Wellness

Healthy Pup Winners: Jenann Pham & Mylo

Mylo’s favorite thing to do is play fetch in the field by their home. “He gets into the cutest play stance when he is waiting for me to throw the ball,” Jenann tells us about the shot. “The ball is not pictured in the winning photo because I’m holding it in my hand,” Jenann says. “Mylo was ready to pounce!”

Jenann fell in love with 8-week-old Cavachon Mylo when she was in college. “He has been by my side through my college and adult years,” she says. “He’s a girl’s best friend!”

Mylo also loves the beach. “He is fearless and runs straight into the waves and swims. On the weekends, we also love to go on hikes,” she says. “He gets underestimated by the other dog owners around us because he looks like a little white ball of fluff. Don’t let that fool you, this dog can hang!”

Check out Mylo on Instagram @cavachonmylo. Sponsored by Morris Animal Foundation.

Winners of each category will receive a variety of prizes from  Vetericyn Animal Wellness, Morris Animal Foundation and Pet Botanics.

Meet our contest runners-up
Thank you to all of this year’s talented photographers and their pretty pups who took the time to enter.

Meet our contest runners-up
Thank you to all of this year’s talented photographers and their pretty pups who took the time to enter.