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NexGuard approved to prevent Lyme disease infections. Photography ©mediaphotos | Getty Images.
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NexGard Approved to Prevent Lyme Disease Infections

What can help prevent infections that cause Lyme disease in dogs? Well, the FDA recently approved NexGard to help do so. Find out more about NexGard here.

Jackie Brown  |  Dec 7th 2018

The monthly oral flea-and-tick preventive NexGard (afoxolaner) recently received FDA approval to prevent infections that cause Lyme disease in dogs. Lyme disease is transmitted by some species of ticks.

In laboratory studies, NexGard prevented the transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi in dogs infested with Ixodes scapularis ticks by killing the ticks before the bacteria could be passed to the dogs. Nexgard, a beef-flavored chew given once a month, is the first flea-and-tick product to be FDA-approved for preventing Borrelia burgdorferi infections.

Thumbnail: Photography ©mediaphotos | Getty Images.

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