Wirehaired Dachshund.

Facts About the Wirehaired Dachshund Dog Breed

The Wirehaired Dachshund is energetic, clever and sometimes fiery. His big personality combined with his intelligence and vigorousness can make him a real pint-sized powerhouse. Unlike other Dachshunds, the Wirehaired Dachshund is known for being rather friendly and outgoing with new people.
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Proud parent of a Wirehaired Dachshund who’s looking to learn more or thinking about getting a Wirehaired Dachshund dog? Learn the facts about this breed here:

Quick Facts on the Wirehaired Dachshund:

Wirehaired Dachshund.
Wirehaired Dachshund. Photography by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The Wirehaired Dachshund has a long, low, muscular frame covered in a short, hard outer coat and a soft undercoat. It comes in a wide range of colors including black & tan, dark gray and various shades of red. Its long head is erect and alert with low-hanging ears and a pair of happy oval eyes. Its neck slopes down to a protruding chest, and its tapered tail is covered in thick hair. Overall, this breed manages to appear balanced in spite of his squat frame.

Wirehaired Dachshund Traits:

  • Persistent
  • Spunky
  • Bold and clever
  • Endearing
  • Dependable
  • Great trackers

Who Gets Along With Wirehaired Dachshunds?

  • Outdoorsy types
  • Active singles
  • City dwellers
  • Families with older children

What Are Wirehaired Dachshunds Like to Live With?

The Wirehaired Dachshund is energetic, clever and sometimes fiery. His big personality combined with his intelligence and vigorousness can make him a real pint-sized powerhouse. Unlike other Dachshunds, this Dachshund is known for being rather friendly and outgoing with new people. But he can still be protective and he loves to bark, making him an extremely handy — and compact — watchdog.

The Wirehaired Dachshund loves the outdoors. He has a great nose, a durable frame and an intense curiosity. He loves to chase small animals, dig holes and play games with family members. A Wirehaired Dachshund is also proud and bold. With plenty of attention and socialization, this breed will shine on everyone with a lovable and loyal disposition.

What to Know About Wirehaired Dachshunds:

This breed will be happiest with a decent-sized yard, but it will also be perfectly content in an apartment. Either way, make sure he gets a daily walk and plenty of attention — or else he can get slightly ornery and possibly destructive.

A healthy Wirehaired Dachshund can live as long as 16 years. Common health issues include diabetes and heart problems. Due to his long spine and short rib cage, he can be prone to back problems. For this reason, remember to hold this breed properly, supporting his full frame. (Warning: You’ll find most Wirehaired Dachshunds don’t like being picked up.) Also, be sure to watch this breed’s food intake: Dachshunds can gain weight quickly, causing more back problems and other issues.

Wirehaired Dachshund History:

The Dachshund — coming from the German dach, which means “badger,” and hund, which means “dog”— is a very old breed, dating back hundreds of years. Used widely in Germany for hunting, its short, sleek frame allowed it to track animals into all sorts of nooks and crannies. The Wirehaired Dachshund first appeared in the late 19th century, following the smooth and long-coated versions.

Thumbnail: Photography by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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11 thoughts on “Facts About the Wirehaired Dachshund Dog Breed”

  1. We have a wire hair dachshund she will be 5 years old July 3, 2021. One of the best dogs we have ever had. She just developed SARDS (Sudden Acute retinal degeneration syndrome, she became completely blind within a few months. Still the best we found out the day after we got her a West highland terrier for a companion. She is fab with other dogs, kids people in general, highly intelligent, quick learner too. She is adapting to her blindness well

  2. We had a wirehaired dachshund that lived to be 12 (lost him due to heart issues). He was the best dog ever. He was more into his people than other dogs but was never aggressive towards other dogs – I would just say more aloof! He was stubborn (didn’t walk in a direction he didn’t want to go), loved to dig, and especially loved riding in the car. He was extremely friendly to strangers and would immediatly roll on his back for a belly rub. We miss him terribly and are currently awaiting to hear from a breeder who’s expecting a female to go into “season” soon. It’s left a big hole in our house and hearts without our wirehaired.

  3. Just a slight correction:
    “Dach” is the German word for roof. “Dachs” is the word for badger.
    Add Wire Haired Wiener Dogs are the coolest.

  4. Dr. Robert L. Oxford

    We have had 3 wire haired dachshunds and got our fist on in Germany. She lived to 15 and we could not think about having anything else except another . All three were easily trained(maybe we were) smart and friendly. Have always been a pet owner, but these are the BEST!

  5. I just lost my wire haired dachshund, he was 15 1/2 years old. He was such a joy. Very lovable, and yes stubborn. I would recommend this type to anyone. He never chewed up anything or chewed on any furniture. We never put him in a crate. He slept with us and he also like to ride in the car with his head out the window. I miss him very much, have done a lot of crying this week. I would like to get another one but just not yet.

  6. Lesley DiBello

    Hi. I am considering a wire-haired dachshund, standard size, for my next dog. I have heard they are stubborn, hard to housebreak, and not easy to train. Your thoughts and information on this would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I have owned 3 dachshunds, and they are such a pleasure! They were all easily crate trained and house broken quickly and easily. They are stubborn and strong willed, because of their strong hunting senses. I adore this breed! They are loyal, little hams (such great personality) and a joy to be with. I can’t wait to have another one!

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