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Why Does My Dog Steal My Blanket? 5 Possible Reasons & Tips

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Dogster Team

Dogs Nibble on Blankets

Why Does My Dog Steal My Blanket? 5 Possible Reasons & Tips

Dogs tend to have a mind of their own, yet they are extremely impressionable. They are great at listening to directions when trained, though they will try to get away with things they know they shouldn’t. For example, you may notice that your pooch occasionally steals your blanket. So, why do they do it? Let’s explore five possible reasons here.

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The 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Stealing Your Blanket

1. They Think That It’s a Toy

Sometimes, dogs want something soft to chew on. What is softer and more enticing than a familiar blanket? Whether your dog is a puppy or a fully grown adult doesn’t matter. Many dogs want to dig into or chew a favorite blanket to relieve their chewing and playing needs.

If you notice that your blanket is starting to get small holes, chances are your dog is stealing it to treat it as a toy. The solution is to buy your pooch new soft and pliable toys like your blanket. Make the toys available in every room where your dog hangs out to minimize the chance they will steal your blanket again.

2. They Think That It’s a Game

Stealing the throw blanket from the couch or off the bed could be seen as a game by your dog. This is especially true if you tend to chase after your dog to retrieve the blanket once they make off with it. Knowing that you will just retrieve the blanket and put it back where they can steal it again can be a fun way for your pooch to pass the time.

You can stop your dog from turning blanket stealing into a game by simply refraining from chasing after the blanket when it gets taken. Let them take the blanket, then redirect their attention to a new toy, a treat, or an interactive activity. Once your dog forgets about the blanket, you can retrieve it. After a while, it should get too boring for them to keep stealing your blanket.

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Image by: Aleksey Boyko, Shutterstock

3. They Want Attention

Another reason your dog might be stealing your blanket is to get attention. If you react to your dog stealing your blanket in any way, they will respond to the attention, good or bad. Even scolding your dog or banishing them to the yard are forms of attention for them, especially if you’ve been too busy to play their favorite interactive games.

To stop this behavior, spend more time tending to your dog and their needs. Take an extra 15 minutes a day to play or go on a walk together. Invite them to the couch to cuddle when you watch a movie.

4. They Want to Be Reminded of You

If you frequently spend time outside the home, your dog may miss you during your absence. They might grab one of your blankets to cuddle up with while on their bed because the blanket smells like you and reminds them of you. Curling up with one of your blankets can help make your pooch feel like you are there while they’re snoozing.

The only thing you can do about this problem is make it a point to spend more time at home with your furry family member. Spending even 15 extra minutes a day at home with your dog can help keep them from stealing your blanket to gain comfort while you are away.

Image by: Amy Humphries, Unsplash

5. They Are Bored

Finally, your dog might be stealing your blanket for no other reason than boredom. Bored dogs will steal almost anything from their owners to get attention or use as toys. If there is nothing else to do around the house, your dog might think that stealing a blanket and getting in trouble for it is an exciting way to end the day.

Making sure your dog has access to multiple toys throughout the house and engaging in activities like fetch and hide-and-seek with them regularly are great ways to keep them from getting bored and deciding to steal one of your blankets.

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Ways to Keep Your Dog From Stealing Your Blanket

Even if you cannot figure out why your pooch is stealing your blanket, there are still a few things you can do to curb the behavior. First, try getting your dog a blanket of its own. Maybe they get chilly at night and just need extra comfort. If that doesn’t work, spend more time exercising and playing with your dog each day.

The extra attention and activity might make them forget all about stealing your favorite blanket. If all else fails, consider scheduling a consultation appointment with your veterinarian. They may be able to identify a health reason for your dog’s blanket-stealing behavior and help you correct the problem.

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Image by: Lunja, Shutterstock

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There are several different reasons that your dog might be stealing your blanket. Paying attention to their actions after stealing the blanket and how they react when you address the situation should give you clues as to why they are displaying such behavior.

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