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Why Do Dogs Sleep with Their Bums Facing You? 5 Reasons for This Behavior

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Why Do Dogs Sleep with Their Bums Facing You? 5 Reasons for This Behavior

Have you awoken in the morning to the jarring sight of your dog’s butt just inches away from your face? While this may seem like a disgusting occurrence, this behavior is pretty natural.

So why is your canine companion putting his bum in your face when he sleeps? Here’s everything you need to know!

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Why Is My Dog Sleeping with His Butt in My Face?

woman sleeping on sofa with dog
Image Credit: Jep Gambardella, Pexels

The number one reason dogs face their bums towards their owners when they’re sleeping is that they love and trust you. This sleeping position also makes your pup feel safe because he knows you’ve got his back (literally). Moreover, some dogs will do this because they are trying to mark you with their scent.

Here are five reasons your dog is facing his bum toward you when he sleeps.

The 5 Reasons the Dogs Sleep with Their Bums Facing You

1. He Trusts You

Your pet will display his trust in you in many ways. One of these ways is to lie with his butt facing you as he sleeps. In the wild, feral dogs that lay on their backs open themselves up to potential attacks. If your dog is exposing his vulnerable side when sleeping, he definitely trusts you! However, he’ll always keep his butt toward your face because he knows you’ll protect him from possible threats.

Beagle's bum facing a sleeping man
Image Credit: Soloviova Liudmyla, Shutterstock

2. He’s Protecting You

On the other hand, your pooch might be protecting you if he sleeps with his bottom towards you. It’s his way of paying you back for all the love and affection you lavish on him.

By lying with his butt facing you, your pup can keep watch over the room.

3. Ventral Contact

Dogs aren’t huge fans of ventral contact (face-to-face or chest-to-chest). As such, your pet will curl up with his tush towards you. It’s just a more calming, comforting position for him.

man cuddling white dog while asleep
Image Credit: Marcella Miriello, Shutterstock

4. To Avoid Eye Contact

If your dog is timid, he may sleep with his bum toward you simply to avoid eye contact. This isn’t always a negative behavior. Your pet still needs time to warm up to you. This is especially true if you rescued an abused or neglected dog from a shelter. Give your pet the space he needs.

5. Comfort

A simpler explanation for your dog sleeping with his butt facing you is that this position is comfortable for him. He may lay on his side, tummy, or back with his bum facing you just because that’s the most comfortable position for him to lay in.

Signs to Watch Out For

The reason for your dog facing his bum toward you as he sleeps is not always positive. If you notice a foul odor coming from his anus or your pet biting at his rump, something may be up. Take your dog to the vet if:

He has a flea infestation. Fleas will typically gather on your dog’s rump and near his tail. Signs of a flea infestation include excessive licking or biting, red and inflamed skin, hot/bald spots, pale gums, and dark specks on the fur.

He has a tapeworm. These intestinal parasites can grow to be eight inches long. Signs include a bloated stomach, diarrhea, and weight loss.

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Final Thoughts

Your pup will face his bum toward you when he sleeps for a variety of reasons. He feels comfy, trusts you, or is protecting you. However, if your dog is excessively licking his rump or appears to be ill, take him to a vet right away.

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