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29 Common Whippet Colors & Markings (With Pictures)

Written by: Ed Malaker

Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Dogster Team

brindle whippet dog autumn field

29 Common Whippet Colors & Markings (With Pictures)

Whippets are amazing dogs that are affectionate and get along well with children and other pets. While the puppies can be mischievous, the adults are usually well-behaved. Many people wonder what colors these dogs are available in, so keep reading for a list of the most common colors and markings. We also answer frequently asked questions about this breed.


Standard Solid Colors

1. Black

young black whippet dog puppy sitting outdoors
Image Credit: Best dog photo, Shutterstock

The black Whippet has a coat as dark as the night. The black color accentuates the dog’s athletic build, with every movement showcasing their graceful and swift form. The contrast between their deep black coat and expressive eyes creates a captivating appearance that commands attention.

2. Blue

blue whippet lying in bed
Image Credit: Maite M. Senosiain, Shutterstock

The blue Whippet boasts a coat with a captivating bluish-gray hue that can range from silver to a rich steel blue. This unique shade complements the Whippet’s agile body, highlighting every curve and contour.

3. Fawn

The fawn Whippet has a warm and inviting presence. Their coat ranges from a soft cream to a deep brown that looks like sand. The color enhances the Whippet’s slender body, and the fawn coat’s subtle variations in tone play with the light and capture your attention.

4. Blue Fawn

The blue fawn Whippet is a harmonious blend of blue and fawn colors, resulting in a striking and distinctive appearance. The interplay of colors enhances the Whippet’s lines, emphasizing their well-balanced and athletic form.

5. Red

red whippet dog lying down on the beach
Image Credit: otsphoto Shutterstock

The red Whippet radiates a spirited energy, with their coat ranging from warm reddish-brown to vibrant red. This color infuses the breed’s presence with vitality and charisma, making them a standout in any setting.

6. White

white whippet dog running on green grass
Image Credit: Ginger Livingston Sanders, Shutterstock

The white Whippet embodies purity and grace with their pristine coat that gleams like fresh snow. Its simplicity highlights the Whippet’s form and movement, highlighting their natural beauty and timeless charm. They’ll surely stand out in any crowd.

7. Cream

The cream Whippet presents a delicate and refined appearance with its soft tones of creamy ivory. Its gentle hue enhances the dog’s overall allure, creating a sense of timeless beauty that captivates observers.


Standard Bi-colors

8. White and Fawn

Fawn and white Whippet dog standing in grass
Image Credit: Eudyptula, Shutterstock

The white and fawn Whippet presents a harmonious blend of colors that highlight the breed’s elegance. The coat has a pristine white base serving as a canvas for the soft fawn accents, which range from a delicate cream to a warm tan. The interplay between the white and fawn creates a balanced and captivating presence.

9. White and Blue Fawn

The white and blue fawn Whippet combines the purity of white with the ethereal blue fawn hue, resulting in a unique appearance. The blue fawn color can vary from a delicate silver-blue to a deeper shade, and the contrast captures the attention and admiration of pet owners worldwide.

10. White and Red

The white and red Whippet radiates warmth and energy. The red color ranges from a rich reddish-brown to a vibrant shade of red, and the contrast between white and red creates a captivating and eye-catching appearance.

11. White and Black

Black and white whippet dog outside in fall leaves
Image Credit: Tanya Consaul Photography, Shutterstock

The white and black Whippet embodies the classic contrast between the two colors, creating a striking visual impact that accentuates the dog’s graceful movements and captures their essence.

12. White and Blue

The white and blue Whippet combines the purity of white with the calming tones of blue, creating a serene and captivating appearance. The blue color can range from a delicate sky blue to a deeper shade, complementing the Whippet’s sleek form.


Standard Solid Color With Markings

13. Blue Brindle

Blue Brindle Whippet dog resting
Image Credit: Visharo, Shutterstock

The blue brindle Whippet has a base color that ranges from a soft bluish gray to a deep steel blue. Overlaying this base are wavy or streaked dark stripes in shades of black or gray, creating the mesmerizing brindle pattern that adds depth and character to this breed’s unique beauty.

14. Fawn Brindle

The fawn brindle Whippet combines the warmth of fawn with the captivating pattern of dark stripes. The fawn base color ranges from delicate cream to rich brown, while the brindle pattern overlays it with wavy or streaked dark stripes.

15. Red Brindle

The red brindle Whippet combines the vibrancy of red with the intricate brindle pattern. The red base color ranges from warm reddish-brown to deep red, while the brindle stripes add depth and texture.

16. Black Brindle

The black brindle Whippet pairs the sleekness of black with the captivating brindle pattern. The black base color creates a striking backdrop for the dark, wavy, or streaked stripes that adorn the coat and help accentuate the Whippet’s well-muscled body and athletic build.


Standard Bi-color With Markings

17. White and Blue Brindle

The white and blue brindle Whippet is a mesmerizing blend of colors and patterns that results in a striking and unique appearance. The coat displays a base of pristine white, providing a foundation for the blue brindle pattern of wavy or streaked dark stripes in shades of blue or gray.

18. White and Red Brindle

The white and red brindle Whippet features a backdrop of clean white with a vibrant red brindle pattern. The white and red combination evokes a sense of spirited charm and vitality that captures attention wherever the dog goes.

19. White and Fawn Brindle

The white and fawn brindle Whippet’s pristine white background accentuates the intricate fawn brindle pattern. The fawn color ranges from gentle cream to deep brown, and the combination of colors creates a distinctive appearance.


Standard Markings

20. Black Mask

The black mask Whippet boasts a striking and expressive appearance. This marking is essentially a black mask that covers the muzzle and often extends over the eyes, creating a contrast against the coat’s base color and accentuating the Whippet’s facial features.

black mask whippet
Image Credit: Vera Mandrikova, Shutterstock

21. Blue Mask

The blue mask is similar to the black mask but is a bluish-gray color over the base coat of any standard color.

22. White Markings

The white markings or patches on a Whippet can appear on the chest, paws, neck, and face, creating a visual contrast against the breed’s base color.

23. Water Marked

A water-marked Whippet has irregular patches of color, often resembling the patterns left by water droplets. These can appear on the coat in a seemingly random arrangement, creating an artistic and eye-catching effect.

24. White Markings and Blue Mask

Combining white markings and a blue mask creates a truly captivating appearance. The white patches on the coat contrast against the base color, while the blue mask adds an air of mystery and intensity to the breed’s expression.

25. White Markings and Black Mask

The white markings and a black mask add a touch of drama and intensity to the breed’s expression, resulting in a Whippet that is instantly recognizable, even from a distance.

Other Colors

26. Sable

The sable color ranges from a deep, rich hue to a lighter golden shade. The coat displays a mixture of colors, often with dark-tipped hairs.

27. Black Brindle

The black brindle Whippet is a striking combination of black and brindle, with the brindle pattern overlaying the black base color.

28. White and Sable

The white and sable Whippet combines two distinct colors to create an eye-catching and harmonious appearance. The coat features a base of pristine white, serving as a canvas for the warm and inviting sable patches. The sable color ranges from deep shades to lighter tones, creating a textured and dynamic effect.

29. Seal

The seal Whippet is a captivating and unique breed that has a coat with a dark and rich hue that’s often mistaken for black. But upon closer examination, the seal color reveals subtle shades of dark brown.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are the Common Coat Colors of Whippets?

Whippets come in various coat colors, including fawn, brindle, blue, black, red, white, and cream. These can have multiple shades and patterns, contributing to the breed’s unique and diverse appearance.

Are There Rare or Uncommon Coat Colors in Whippets?

While Whippet colors like fawn and brindle are common, blue fawn, sable, and seal are rare.

Are There Breed-Specific Health Concerns Related to Coat Color?

Specific coat colors can be associated with certain genetic health concerns in some dog breeds. However, no widely recognized color-related health concerns related to coats are specific to Whippets.


Final Thoughts

The Whippet is available in many colors, and the ones listed here might be lighter or darker in shade, so your pet will likely be unique even among other Whippets. Standard colors include fawn and cream, and less common colors include sable and seal. No matter what their coat looks like, the Whippet makes a fantastic pet that will become a valuable member of any family, providing many years of activity and companionship.

Featured Image Credit: Fotomaha, Shutterstock

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