Which Dog Books Rise To The Top?

As I'm perusing the internet this morning I come across an article on dog books by Jill Rosen, she writes the Unleashed column for the...


As I’m perusing the internet this morning I come across an article on dog books by Jill Rosen, she writes the Unleashed column for the Baltimore Sun. Today’s article, Drowning In Dog Books: Which Titles Rise To The Top?, mentions some dog books she has sitting on her desk and what’s there but Bo’s book BAD TO THE BONE : Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger.

She wants to know what dog books readers are putting on their holiday lists and recommending to friends. Please help Bo get to the top, here are the details from the Baltimore Sun.

Bo coveframerThere are seriously, seriously, seriously sooooo many dog books out there, I’m starting to lose track. At least a couple times a week a new one or two arrives in the mail.

There are heartwarming memoirs of man and beast, manuals for keeping the hound healthy, those that explore ways to understand the canine.

It seems that ever since Marley & Me skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller list, leaving sequels, a movie and who-knows-how-much-money and wet tissues in its wake, dog lovers have gotten really busy typing.

So here’s the question. I’m sitting here surrounded by new (and new-ish) titles including Speaking for Spot, The Wolf in the Parlor, Inside of a Dog, Marley & Me, To the Rescue, Power of the Dog, Bad to the Bone, Dogtown, Good Dogs Doing Good, Happy Dog, Fetching Dylan, Paws & Effect…the list goes on.

Which of these books are tops on your holiday wish list? And, more importantly, which dog books are front and center on your shelf, the ones you recommend to folks, the ones you’d read again if you had the time, the ones you found most meaningful….

Please share. A lot of us would love to know how to separate the dog lit wheat from the chaff.

And….yes….there will be booty sent out to some of those that comment.

For those of you that read BAD TO THE BONE: Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger Bo would be eternally grateful if you would leave a comment in the comment section of the Baltimore Sun (click on the link, you’ll go directly to the article) recommending it, sharing why you enjoyed it, or if you haven’t read it yet that it’s on your holiday wish list.

If you do, leave your name here and you’ll be entered to win a pawtograhped copy of Bo’s book. Want to order the pawfect holiday gift for yourself or the dog lover in your life, click here!

Thanks Dogsters!

* Jill Rosen…if you read this Bo loves your column and would be thrilled if you interview him!

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