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What Breed of Dog Is Blue From Blue’s Clues? Cartoon Dogs Presented

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

What Breed of Dog Is Blue From Blue’s Clues? Cartoon Dogs Presented

Blue’s Clues is a popular children’s TV show that has been running since 1996 and is still going strong. Out of all the fun mysteries that Blue and her human friend Steve solve on the show, one remains unanswered: What breed of dog is Blue?

Unfortunately, we may never know. The show’s creators, Traci Paige Johnson and Todd Kessler, have never revealed what kind of dog Blue is, but it has been speculated that Blue may be a Basset Hound or Beagle. It was never addressed on the show, either. Still, that won’t stop us from taking our best guess!

Is Blue From Blue’s Clues a Boy or a Girl?

The color blue may be associated with boys more often than girls, but Nickelodeon itself tells us that Blue is a girl puppy. She has light, sky-blue fur with dark blue dots all over. Blue “talks” to Steve (and later on, Joe and Josh) by making dog sounds that they understand.

Blue May Be a Hound

Now onto our own clues! One big hint that Blue may be a hound is her large, droopy ears. This feature is common in Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds, and Beagles—all breeds of dogs that are in the hound family.

Blue is quite talkative, too. She responds to questions with a bark, howl, squeak, or whimper that Steve is able to interpret. This behavior is often seen in dogs who were bred for hunting, as they needed to be able to communicate with their human companions while out on a chase.

And finally, the biggest clue of all: Blue is a talented detective! She loves to sniff out clues, point them out to Steve, and help him solve puzzles. This is another trait she traits with hound dogs. Hounds are trained to use their powerful sense of smell to track down prey, and it seems like Blue has put her own spin on this skill.

Combine all of these clues with how Blue looks, and our best guess is that she’s a Beagle. Her ears are not quite as long as a Basset Hound’s, but they’re still long and floppy. She’s also on the smaller side for a hound dog.

Beagles typically only weigh between 20 and 30 pounds, while Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds can weigh up to twice that. Her eyes also don’t droop quite as much as hounds like Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds, which is another clue that she may be a Beagle.

Of course, this is all just one big guessing game. We may never know for sure what kind of dog Blue from Blue’s Clues is, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun trying to figure it out.

Basset Hound
Image By: Maria Symchych, Shutterstock

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Fun Facts About Blue

1. Blue Was Supposed to Be a Cat

In an interview with Traci Paige Johnson, one of the creators of Blue’s Clues, she shared that Blue was actually supposed to be a kitty, not a puppy. It’s hard to imagine Blue as anything other than a lovable pup, but we think she would have made a great cat detective, too.

2. The Creators Wanted to Call the Show “Blueprints”

In the same interview, it was revealed that the working title for Blue’s Clues was “Blueprints.” The creators liked the wordplay of having a show about a blue puppy who follows clues to solve mysteries and leaves blue paw prints behind. But when they conducted audience testing, the kids liked the name “Blue’s Clues” better. And we’re glad they did—it’s a catchy name that’s easy to remember.

Blues Clues Blue Dog 3D Animation Nickelodeon
Image By: Characters by  Nickelodeon Animation Studio.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

3. Blue’s First Voice Actor Was One of the Show’s Creators

The team behind Blue’s Clues didn’t have enough money for the pilot, so they had to get creative.

Co-creator Traci Paige Johnson said, “There wasn’t a lot of money for the pilot, so when it came time to voice the character of Blue, we actually went around the room to see which one of us could bark! I guess I had the best bark because I went ahead and voiced the pilot.”

They intended to recast the role for the actual show, but by that time, they were already emotionally attached to Johnson’s performance as Blue. So, she ended up keeping the role.


We hope you enjoyed learning about Blue from Blue’s Clues. She’s a lovable, talkative pup with a knack for detective work. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll find out for sure what kind of dog she is. Until then, we’ll just have to keep guessing.

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Featured Image Credit: Characters by  Nickelodeon Animation Studio.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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