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We Love the New Photo Book ‘Senior Dogs Across America’

Nancy LeVine captures the inspiring courage and calm of aging dogs in her heartwarming photos.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jul 5th 2016

Senior Dogs Across America is a new photography book by Nancy LeVine that seeks to portray the nation’s elderly dogs in a dignified and poised manner. Venturing to places as far apart as Kauai, Hawaii; Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts;  and Natchez, Mississippi. Nancy was on the lookout for “gallant companions” who could help “reflect our own inevitable aging with courage and calm.”

Here’s a peek into the project.

Meet Red

This is Red. He’s 12-years-old and lives in New Haven, Connecticut. He’s also snagged the back cover slot of the book — a testament to the fact that, as Nancy says, he’s “so special.”

Next is Bailey and Cle


Bailey and Cle. (Photo via Senior Dogs Across America Instagram)

Here we have Bailey, who’s 15 years old, posing next to his grandiosely named pal Cle Elum Washington. “I am always in awe of animal friendship,” says Nancy. “How do dogs navigate friendship without the spoken word?” I have been led to believe that butt sniffing might have something to do with it.

Say hello to Troy

Troy is up next. Check him out looking so very regal here. He’s a 10-year-old chap who was born in Oklahoma but now lives in New York City. His human father designed the dog run in Washington Square Park, and Troy was the first dog to officially use the facility.

Take a look at Sunshine

Representing New Mexico, we have Sunshine, a classy lady who’s clocked up 14 years on this planet. Talking about the joys of senior dogs, Sunshine caused Nancy to remark, “Like people, they have many years inscribed in their being.”

Check out Wally

This “wide eyed wonder” is Wally. He’s 14-years-old and lives out in Ferrida in Louisiana. Just look at that face!

Here’s Phyllis and her friends


Phyllis and her pack. (Photo via Senior Dogs Across America Instagram)

While journeying through Denver, Colorado, Nancy chanced across an entire clan of senior dogs. She snapped them posing on their homestead’s staircase. As a roll call, from bottom left we have Phyllis, Englebert, Loretta, Eeyore, and Enoch.

Hanging with Cooper

This is Cooper, another canine Nancy captured in New York City. He’s 15 years old and something of a lounge hound at heart. During a particularly bitter winter, he smartly found an empty bench to take a well-deserved break on.

Kenya completes this set

Finally, we come to Kenya. This 10-year-old lives it up in Wisconsin. She’s a former racetrack dog who’s since been adopted into her forever home. As Nancy notes, she’s a pooch “who keeps her stuffed animal close by.”

Senior Dogs Across America is in stores via Schiffer Publishing. You can also check out Nancy’s Instagram account for more senior dog pics.