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Walkee Paws Dog Boot Leggings Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Ingrid Yeh

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 by Dogster Team

DOG_SAPR_WalkeePaws Dog Boot Leggings

Walkee Paws Dog Boot Leggings Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Walkee Paws a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 4/5
Convenience: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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What are Walkee Paws? How Do They Work?

Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings for dogs were created by the company’s CEO and fellow dog parent, Lisa Baronoff, who sought an innovative solution to her concern about the many impurities and potential dangers—dirt, germs and bacteria, harmful debris, rain and snowmelt—that dogs come into daily contact with on their walks. As most traditional dog booties on the market are not only hard to put on/take off, they are also uncomfortable for dogs to wear. Therefore, Walkee Paws launched in 2018—on a mission to address the concern for pups’ paws everywhere by introducing a convenient, comfortable, and adorable alternative to traditional booties.

Just as their name suggests, Walkee Paws’ easy-on boot leggings feature stretchy, comfortable leggings with rubber bootie grips at the end that are easy for dogs’ paws to slip in and out of. All four leggings are interconnected with an adjustable connector, placed comfortably on the dog’s back to easily adjust and tighten the leggings to the perfect fit for any pup’s size. With this stand-out feature, once the perfect sizing is secured, it makes for an easy and comfortable fit for each and every walk after that.

While this review will focus on the Deluxe Easy-on Boot Leggings, Walkee Paws offers a variety of other products specially designed to address all kinds of problems and concerns that dog parents may have—such as the Indoor Walkee Paws with grippy socks, which were created to prevent slipping and sliding, help with sore paws, as well as assist dogs with mobility issues in getting around easier. As Walkee Paws products are designed by a team of fellow dog lovers with your pup in mind, they would most appeal to any devoted dog parents who are always looking for new ways to improve their dog’s happiness and quality of life.

walkee paws’ deluxe easy-on boot leggings in the box

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Walkee Paws – A Quick Look

  • Innovative alternative to traditional dog booties
  • Comfortable and adjustable to fit any dog’s size
  • Interconnected all-in-one design makes for easier on and off
  • Protects dogs’ paws from dirt, debris, germs, and other impurities while on walks
  • No instruction sheet included, only a QR code; may be inaccessible for some customers

Walkee Paws’ Easy-on Legging Boots Pricing

Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings come available in four different size options and pricing:

  • XXS ‘XS Short’ – $49.99
  • XST ‘XS Tall’ – $49.99
  • Small/Medium – $59.99
  • Large – $64.99

There is a good variety of cute colors and patterns to choose from, including black, pink, confetti, classic, camo, hearts, and skulls.

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What to Expect from Walkee Paws

Our Walkee Paws’ boot leggings came delivered to my door in a cute and compact Walkee Paws box. On the inside flap of the box was some text from the company welcoming me to the Walkee Paws pack, including a QR code for “How to Fit Instructions”, helpful hints, their “Happy Paws Guarantee” with customer service options, and a 15% off discount code on my next order. Inside the box was, of course, the Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-on Boot Leggings, and a special hand-written note from Lisa, the Walkee Paws’ CEO herself. All very nice and thoughtful touches, as far as packaging goes.

walkee paws’ deluxe easy-on boot leggings

Walkee Paws Contents

  • 4-in-1 stretchy, water-resistant, easy-on leggings (all interconnected)
  • Molded waterproof rubber boots made to mirror dogs’ paw shape (made of eco-friendly, non-toxic TPE, which can withstand extreme temperatures)
  • 1 cotton-lining for each boot, providing extra comfort, insulation, and durability
  • 4 no-fuss leg openings, featuring smooth seams to avoid nails catching inside
  • 1 detachable elastic collar connector that easily attaches to the collar or harness
  • 1 heart-shaped over-the-back connector, for a stronger grip to keep back leggings securely in place


With its thoughtful concept and design, Walkee Paws brings the utmost quality to an innovative product. As most dog parents will do anything to keep their fur babies happy, healthy, and safe, the Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings by Walkee Paws were specially created to combat a very relevant issue for dog parents everywhere—the various harmful and potentially dangerous impurities their dog’s paws come into contact with on their daily walks.

Made from high-quality eco-friendly materials, while also designed to be comfortable, convenient, waterproof, and withstanding extreme temperatures, Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings surely deserve a 5 out of 5 ranking for quality.

coco wearing walkee paws’ deluxe boot leggings


The Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings are certainly unlike anything else on the market. Other traditional dog booties feign in comparison to its concept and design, especially when addressing the matter of protecting dogs’ paws from harmful debris and impurities during walks. As Walkee Paws has perfected this design, it would be nice to see them expand on it and come up with some more variety and options to choose from. For example, different legging materials to fit different climates would be a nice touch.

As Walkee Paws was founded in 2018, they are a relatively new company, and I’m hopeful for new designs to emerge in the years to come. Until then, a score of 4 out of 5 for variety seems fitting.


The Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings are convenient if nothing else. Being all interconnected (rather than four individual booties that may easily fall off), they are easy to keep track of and can be rolled up to be taken wherever you and your pup may go. The booties are easy to rinse off and wipe down after walks, as well as throw into the washer all together when the leggings need to be washed as well. Easy and convenient as ever, the Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings scored a 5 out of 5 for convenience.

coco walking with walkee paws’ deluxe boot leggings on

Is Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings a Good Value?

Yes, they are! For such a reasonable price range, Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings are such a great value for the money. They are super simple to put on (and stay on), providing a comfortable, adjustable fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as convenience and peace of mind for owners—knowing their precious pup’s feet are secure and protected. Not to mention, how adorable dogs look in them!

For all these reasons combined, the Deluxe Easy-On Boot Legging by Walkee Paws deserves a resounding 5 out of 5 for the value it brings to dogs and their owners everywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some tips for first-time users of Walkee Paws?

A few tries may be needed for both you and your dog to get the hang of Walkee Paws. Once the right fit is secured, they won’t need to be readjusted again—making it easy to use every time after that. For more info, check out their brief tutorial for how to make them fit.

While some pups take to Walkee Paws right away, others might do a funny high-step dance (like mine did!) when first getting used to them. Some pups may refuse to walk in them at first. In these cases, just attach the leash and try using a treat or toy to entice them to go for a walk. After some time, most pups are bound to adjust to them.

To avoid any accidents with your pup’s claws catching on the leggings, make sure to go slow and use caution, using your hand to gently guide each paw into the legging.

How do I ensure the right size of Deluxe Easy-on Boot Leggings for my dog?

To find the perfect size, be sure to measure your dog and refer to Walkee Paws’ measurement guide to find the best fit. Make sure that both the height and paw width are under the maximum ranges listed. Please note—the TPE-molded booties should fit snugly, so sizing down is recommended.

coco walking outdoor with walkee paws’ boot leggings on

Can Walkee Paws be worn in the rain and snow?

Yes! Walkee Paws’ waterproof boots and water-resistant legging fabric are specially designed to keep dogs’ paws safe (and dry) from rain and dangerous snowmelt chemicals, as well as cold surfaces and hot pavement—withstanding extreme temperatures (i.e., cold down to -40°F and heat up to 302°F).

Walkee Paws water-resistant leggings protect your dog’s legs too, preventing snow build-up from forming in their leg fur.

What makes the Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings better than other models?

Walkee Paws’ Deluxe boot leggings feature award-winning waterproof rubber boots that are now ergonomically contoured to dogs’ paw shape, enhancing their ability to feel the ground beneath them when walking. Providing a soft, luxurious feel, as well as extra insulation from cold weather, is the super-soft cotton lining the inside of each bootie. Plus, the Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings also come with right, left, and back (R/L/B) labels on the outward-facing side of each boot to help avoid any mix-ups and uncomfortable fits.

The water-resistant leggings are even easier to slip on and off of dogs’ legs, due to the no-fuss leg openings and a smoother seam. Ensuring a more secure fit is the new heart-shaped connector that provides a stronger grip, keeping the back leggings in place, while the detachable collar connector provides a stay-on fit.

The TPE booties are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and can withstand heat up to 302°F and cold down to -40°F.

What is Walkee Paws’ return and exchange policy?

Walkee Paws’ “Happy Paws Guarantee” ensures a refund policy in which you can return your items for a refund within 30 days of purchase, provided you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. During the holiday season (between November 25th and December 25th), a 60-day return is offered for orders shipped within those dates.

Returned items must not have been worn outside, altered, washed or damaged, and must include the manufacturer’s original packaging.

A shipping fee of $3.99 USD will be applied for returns within the U.S., while exchanges are shipped free of charge. The return shipping fee for orders from Canada is $14.99 USD, which will be deducted from the total refund amount. Store credit can also be issued, with no expiration date and a lower return shipping fee of $9.99 USD.

International customers are responsible for returning items at their own expense. Exchanges are currently not offered for Canadian or other international orders.

walkee paws’ deluxe easy-on boot leggings packaging

* Use code 10PAWSNEW and save on your first order.

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Our Experience With Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings

My dog, Coco, and I had a blast trying out Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-on Boot Leggings. As it doesn’t rain much here in LA, we were thrilled for the opportunity to try them out in the recent rainy streak. Just as the website describes, they took us (mostly Coco) some getting used to on the first try—but after that, it’s been a super simple, straightforward, and enjoyable experience each time.

Coco is a 15-pound small-ish Chihuahua-Terrier mix—as in, besides her ears, she is longer and taller than your average Chihuahua, with a bigger, more athletic build. As such, she fit perfectly in the XST ‘XS Tall’ leggings, which is the second-to-smallest size available (the smallest is the XXS ‘XS Short’). The leggings were relatively easy to slide on and adjust securely on her back using the adjustable heart-shaped connector. Again, the first time was a bit of a struggle—mostly due to Coco’s squirming—but getting them on and off each time after that has been a breeze.

Her feet fit snuggly into the TPE booties, although it took her some hilarious and adorable high-stepping around for her to get the hang of the new sensation (if only I could attach a video to this review). She got used to them pretty quickly, though, and she seemed to genuinely enjoy them after that. She’s even had some extra pep in her step on our rainy walks lately—which she usually hates and tries to keep as short as possible.

All in all, we had a great experience with our Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-on Boot Leggings! We will definitely be using them more on rainy days, when getting Coco outside is usually a struggle. We will probably also bring them on our upcoming snow trip, as they’re specially built to help withstand extreme cold, which should definitely help Coco acclimate to the snow for the first time!



Walkee Paws’ Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings for dogs were created as an innovative solution to the many harmful and potentially dangerous impurities that most dogs come into daily contact with while out on walks—such as dirt, germs and bacteria, harmful debris, rain and snowmelt. While most traditional dog booties in the market are uncomfortable for dogs and hard for owners to put on and take off, Walkee Paws various styles of all-in-one boot leggings introduce a fun, convenient, and comfortable alternative to keep dogs’ paws safe on their daily walks. With various colors and prints to choose from, your dog will not only enjoy safer walks with more protected paws, but also a stylish, unique new look.

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