US Soldier in Afghanistan Looking for Information About Cherry, Dog Rescued There

This is a big wow! An American soldier stationed in Afghanistan has barked in asking for help finding information and pictures about a camp canine...
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This is a big wow! An American soldier stationed in Afghanistan has barked in asking for help finding information and pictures about a camp canine angel, Cherry. If you can help Kim out by sharing pictures or stories about Cherry, please bark in!

Sometimes I have to report bad dog news coming out of the war zones. I’m very glad to have the chance to share this story with Dogsters and Catsters!

Please crosspost this article so that Kim can have the best chance of getting the most information on Cherry!

And Kim, please send in a picture of two of Cherry when you get them. I know we are all anxious to see the dog who won the heart of the camp.

Update– thanks to Major Kim for sending is a picture of Cherry!

kim york wrote:
Hello, I am stationed in Afghanistan and we use to have a camp dog here. This puppy had lived here almost his entire life. He ended up here as a little fur ball one day back in 2003 as the soldiers came back here off patrol and they looked behind them as they went in the front gate and there was this little fur ball walking right behind them into the gate! The soldiers had been
taking care of him ever since and soldiers have come and gone from Afghanistan, but Cherry had remained. He never left since he walked in the gate three years and some odd months ago.

He got his name when his little balls were sunburned one day. Cherry had done his part here and had kept the vermin out of our camp.He did this I believe to earn his right to stay here. He tried to do all he can to be with us. There were No dogs, no cats, no snakes and no mice.

One day I was walking down the road and heard him barking furiously and jumping up and down in circles. Well when I got closer and saw what it was….Cherry was trying to kill a viper snake. This puppy dog has seen more than many soldiers have.

Recently, a health inspector decided Cherry had to be removed from this camp! I started crying, it truly hurt me, because this little dog had no one to help him and if he left this camp the Afghani’s would kill him. Cherry did all he could do to be part of the Americans and they were taking him away from the only home he had. The Afghanis treat dogs like wild animals, they are not pets (to most Afghans) and usually are killed on site.

But a miracle happened and I was able to get Cherry out of this country. He now lives in Oregon. (I could go more into how I got him out of here if you would like to hear it). I haven’t been reunited with him yet, but I know he is safe.

He use to buried his bones here in Afghanistan (i would take pictures of him digging) and I know exactly where the bones are. I am going to dig them up because I know he was saving them for a rainy day…..When I finally return to Oregon I plan to come off the plane and walk up to Cherry and say “here are your bones, you will need them since it rains a lot in Oregon”. My gift to Cherry is not a new home or his bones, my gift to Cherry is love and respect for all he ever did for even one soldier.

I truly believe Cherry’s story needs to be told and yet I have only known Cherry for 3 1/2 months before he had to leave. I was hoping you could get the word out that I am trying to get information about his young life from soldiers and cilvilians that worked at Camp Phoenix. Pictures and stories so I can put his entire life down on paper. I am doing this because I know in my
heart that the soldiers that have served here in Afghanistan loved Cherry and they would want to know how he is and more importantly to have me tell the world about this little guardian angel…..

Thank you in advance…..

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