Update on Maltese Auctioned Off From GA Puppy Mill

Bless the Dogster Force Group! These great Dogsters stay on top of puppy mill activity and let the rest of us know what is happening....

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Bless the Dogster Force Group! These great Dogsters stay on top of puppy mill activity and let the rest of us know what is happening. In this case its the situation I told you about last week of the 200+ dogs left by the death of the puppy mill woman who died. As I reported last time, the local judge in Bartow County decided they would simply auction off the dogs WITHOUT spaying/neutering them and without giving them even the basic of care.

Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue (SCMR) put out the call for help and dog lovers (including our Dogsters!) stepped up to help. With the help of the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga (HES) and Small Paws, SCMR was able to outbid the “breeders” and save 44 dogs, 20 of which are Maltese. Here is a link to the story that ran on a local television station.

Puppy mill auction
One of the very upsetting aspects to this story is the apparently inbred nature (pun definitely intended) of Bartow County. If you look at the facts — judge orders dogs sold immediately without spaying or healthcare, people registering bidders asking them as they sign up if they are “breeders,” auctioneers trying to declare dogs sold before rescuers can bid, defense of the dead woman by saying “she did the best she could by those dogs” (oh come one, we’re talking about 206!!!!! dogs), the police telling rescuers NOT to give out info about spaying and neutering because it was “inciting” the crowd, the fact the local shelter managed to spirit away 30 of the Maltese who were to be sold before rescuers could get them, and lastly the extreme anger towards the rescuers — the whole thing stinks of a whole county that makes a ton of money off the uterus’ of abused dogs. These people aren’t stupid or uninformed! They’re greedy! They don’t want anyone to tell them the harm they’re doing because that might make them question it.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say the people involved have some messed up priorities. They may go to their churches on Sunday and declare themselves “saved” but I have to wonder what heaven they aspire to. I just have to wonder when they get there how they’ll face all the dogs they’ve harmed.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, how about demanding that the state or federal officials take a long, hard look at Bartow County? Could it be that its giving Missouri and Arkansas a run for their money on being the new puppy mill capital of North America?

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