Update on Dogs of Sopron, Hungary — Good News!

Dear All, Thank you for all your interest and support to date, it is wonderful that so many of us could join forces in aid...


Dear All,
Thank you for all your interest and support to date, it is wonderful that so many of us could join forces in aid of animal protection and I sincerely hope we can continue this in the future as well.

At present the dogs are at the shelters recuperating and even though many of them are now on the road to “proper dog life” help is still needed, so if anyone has the opportunity, please go and give them a cuddle.

We are still looking forward to receiving all your reports via our e-mail , or at this link which is an open forum for sharing all the experiences or obtaining any information.

Presently the legal procedures are still on-going, the thick documentation comprising of the result of the investigation has been passed on to the Sopron Prosecutor’s Office by the Police department with reccomendation of accusation.

It would be good if we would at least achieve that the dogs could be neutered at the shelters and that those dogs that are already well socialized, recovered could be temporarily fostered. This decision can only be taken by the Courts after the Prosecutors file an accusation.

The shelters receive a continuous supply of aid, fortunately the zest for donations has not slackened thus we are able to provide aid to wherever required. I ask all volunteers to please help with passing on information and with transportation of the donations as not all those caring for the animals are able to be constantly on the internet. We are also expecting to receive the invoices for the costs incurred which will be passed on to the lawyer representing MATSZ as the costs of the keep of these seized dogs are not to be borne by the accommodating shelters. The person responsible for the coordination of the donations is Pter Kiss (szezm) 00-36-20-9-339-122, email: kp117@axelero.hu.

Regarding the future: we ask all of you, whenever possible to participate at the Court hearings in as great numbers as possible and to register to foster the dogs so that they can be re-homed if an when possible as quickly as possible!

The amount collected so far is 2.230.000 HUF, amount paid out: 1.230.000 HUF
(Detailed payment information can be obtained from Jzsef rkosi, representative of MTSZ)

We would like to thank all companies, associations and private individuals who have contributed to bettering the fate of the dogs saved from the dog breeding site in Sopron through donations, unselfish work, love and devotion.

Of course the leaders, workers and volunteers at the various shelters are providing invaluable service to these dogs, something I don’t think I can simply just thank them for…
Should they need any assistance please contact us, we will try and find a solution to any and all problems.

Thank you for the continuous support coming from abroad, from 22 countries in all. We sincerely hope that the matter will be resolved within Hungary, however if we shall have to take further steps engaging help from the EU we shall need your help more than ever! We are aiming to provide you with all information and to answer all your mail and queries.

And this just in on the case against the so-called human who abused these dogs so horribly.

The owner of the dog breeding site at Sopron has been officially charged with cruelty to animals.

In the case of the infamous Sopron dogs the Prosecutor’s Office has filed an official charge at the Sopron Courts. “The defendant is the 63 year old owner of the breeding site” – said the Head Prosecutor of Gyr-Moson-Sopron County. According to Lszl Horvth during the course of the procedures the Prosecutor’s Office investigated the conditions under which the dogs were kept and the treatment of the animals . He added “There were appalling conditions at the site”.

At the outset of the investigations 209 dogs were vegetating at the site. The dog breeder carried on unauthorized breeding experiments with the animals: he wanted to achieve a “improved” mudi breed. In relation to this inbreeding took place resulting in the offspring being born with serious health impairment and genetic problems.

The criminal suit will commence at the Sopron Courts of Law. “The perpetrator of cruelty to animals can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment” – said the County Head Prosecutor.

It may not be the absolute best result but at least the surviving dogs are being cared for and will ultimately move into loving situations. My heart and respect go out to everyone who has helped these dogs of Sopron!

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