Today Is National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day, although at our house it feels like everyday is national dog day. Unfortunately there are many homeless dogs that will...


Today is National Dog Day, although at our house it feels like everyday is national dog day. Unfortunately there are many homeless dogs that will never get to celebrate this day because they have no forever family. There’s a photography studio that wants to change this, so they put together a fundraising calendar to help dogs in need.

Chicago-based Sutton Studios, led by world-renowned pet and family portrait photographer, David Sutton, announced the donation of 10,000 Dog Day Calendars to animal welfare organizations, humane societies and animal shelters throughout Chicagoland and across the country. These organizations offer the calendar at a suggested donation of $10 each. They keep 100% of the proceeds.

“The funds generated from Dog Days Calendar sales are greatly needed to continue our mission in helping homeless animals in need and raising awareness of the animal overpopulation that leads to the tragic destruction of millions of dogs and cats every year in the U.S.,” says Sutton. “Animal welfare organizations are challenged to do more with fewer resources, so our hope is that this calendar provides them with funds they might not otherwise have had.”

The 2010 Dog Days Calendar is offered online at Sutton Studios, and directly at animal welfare organizations throughout Chicagoland and nationwide.

Another great way to celebrate this day would be by going to your local shelter and adopting a dog in need. For those who already have a full household here are some fun tips to show your dog how much you love them.

Play with Them! Playing is an essential outlet for dogs! It allows them to be free and express themselves. Play catch or chase them around – whatever their pleasure! To help amp up play time, provide your dog with a variety of chew toys, bones, or problem solving toys (i.e. a ball filled with a treat!). Invite “doggie friends” to come play – dogs love to socialize too!

Hit the Road! Just like for humans, exercise is important for your dog too! Take your pup on a couple short daily walks and let him or her naturally stop and sniff around. Be sure not to over exercise your dog. Remember they are wearing a fur coat, so “hot” for you and “hot” for your dog are two different things. Provide plenty of water, shade and breaks!

Part of the Family! Include your pooch in the family photo this year and make for a more inclusive family photo. Doing this will enable your family to recall life as it was at that moment, dog included! Don’t forget that on average dogs only have 10-13 years to live life to the fullest, so carpe diem!

Treats! Make your dog a special treat from your kitchen that’s both nutritious and delicious! Many homemade dog treat recipes are packed with vitamins and nutrients and still taste good! Try a doggie cake for their next birthday to honor their special day! Or if cooking isn’t your forte, take your dog to the local barkery and let them sniff out a treat!

Donate Time and Money! Help a dog in need by volunteering your time or donating money to a local animal welfare organization. Go to or the Human Society of the United States website to find a local organization. You also can help our four-legged friends by purchasing a 2010 Dog Days Calendar online – proceeds go directly to help animal welfare agencies!

Enjoy the day!

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