Surfing Helped Super Corgi Jojo Heal From a Dog Attack


Jojo the Corgi is a big shot on the social media circuit — not least because of his ability to surf. Yep, you can often find this small pooch tackling some of the biggest waves in the ocean as he charms fans and spectators with his daredevil adventures on the water. But after checking in with his owner, it also turns out there’s a drama-packed backstory that inspired this dog’s on-board moves.

Jojo’s story: Part one

Image via Instagram.

If you take a quick glance at Jojo’s social media presence, you’ll come across a seemingly happy-go-lucky dog. But his real story starts in a much more dramatic way, as his owner recalls.

“My husband was deployed overseas, and Jojo and I wanted to go to Balboa Dog Park. We were locking up the apartment, and as we closed the doors, two dogs got loose from upstairs.”

“The dogs were large and ferocious and attacked Jojo and I,” his owner says.

“I escaped with only stitches, but Jojo needed surgery to survive. My husband and I spent the money we were going to have a wedding with to save Jojo’s life. It took weeks of healing, but Jojo could barely walk.”

Jojo’s story: Part two

Image via Instagram.

As Jojo’s humans spent more and more money on aqua therapy to help his recovery, they realized that the Pacific Ocean could fulfill the same function — and for free.

“One day at the beach, my husband got tired from swimming, so he put Jojo on the surfboard while they were out in the water,” his owner says. “A wave came, and Jojo took it all the way to the sand!”

“It was amazing to watch this little Corgi ride these 7-foot waves to the beach.”

After that, they kept practicing until Jojo became a pro, while also saving his own life: “He got his mobility back in his legs and lost the weight he gained after the attack, from swimming and surfing.”

Oh, and for good measure, Jojo has since added snowboarding to his repertoire.

Have you ever seen a dog surf?

Image via Instagram.

The jaw-dropping sight of Jojo out riding the waves always “brings a smile to every person.” His owner adds, “Some people even swim out to ask questions or get close to take selfies. He’s a showstopper.”

Big wave dreamin’

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to Jojo’s fantasy surf spots, it seems he has two firm favorites in mind. “One would be at Del Mar Dog Beach of San Diego, California,” says his owner, “and the other is Oahu, Hawaii.”

Jojo’s hobbies

Image via Instagram.

Jojo is a super playful pooch — so it naturally follows that he’s interested in a whole host of hobbies. According to his human, he’s currently into the following:

“Wearing clothes, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, going to Disney, volunteering, playing with lasers, hanging out on the beach, traveling, and hanging out with fur friends.”

The two sides of Jojo

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to Jojo’s demeanor, his owner says, “He’s so mellow and relaxed — he’s such a surfer dude!”

Well, that is until he spots a roving ball or a laser, in which case he changes into a hyper pup: “He will chase that laser or ball until he is blue in the face!”

Introducing Super Jojo!

Image via Instagram.

The full and proper title of Jojo’s Instagram account is Super Corgi Jojo. But what exactly would this pup’s superpowers be?

“Jojo has the superpower of smile,” says his owner. “He can walk down a sidewalk and brighten someone’s day by his smile. We have gotten a million emails saying how his smile is the highlight of someone’s day.”

“We volunteer, and someone could be having the worst of days, but one smile from Jojo makes everything seem nonexistent.”

“To go from being on his deathbed to being the dog he is today is a true special power of overcoming all odds,” concludes his owner. “They said we would be lucky if he ever walked again — and now he’s surfing better than humans.”

Surf (sorry!) over to Jojo’s Instagram account to follow his future adventures on the waves.

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