Stray Dog Befriended by Family Saves Their Lives From a Gas Leak

We always say that having dogs around is a blessing unto itself. in this case, the good samaritans who were hosting a stray dog got...



We always say that having dogs around is a blessing unto itself. in this case, the good samaritans who were hosting a stray dog got more then happy barks and love; the dog names Pirate saved their lives by alerting them to a gas leak! This story comes to us from WTOC11 in Savannah, Georgia.

Way to go Pirate!

Dog Warns Family of Gas Leak

We’ve all heard the stories before about mans best friend alerting its owners to danger, but for Savannah resident Phyllis Bright and her family, it never really hit home until it happened to them.

What Phyllis Bright now considers a miracle; several months ago looked more like a case of a problem pet named Pirate. “For some reason he just kept going underneath the house barking,” said Bright “he’s never done it before, just barking and tearing at the piece of wood.”

Bright went outside to see what all the ruckus was about, but saw nothing unusual. “I came out, I chastised him and I told him you don’t dig those holes and you don’t go underneath the house,” said Bright.

But pirate wouldn’t listen and kept on. Bright said when she went outside the second time he tried to pull her under the house. She thought he was just playing, “I told him I am not going under a house to play and I want you to stop going over there.”

Pirate wouldn’t stop. Now Bright had gone outside three times, at this point she decided to take him in the house with her. “He got to the back door and just went crazy to get out,” said Bright.

Finally she’d had enough. She let the dog back outside, he went straight to the hole, that’s when her husband pulled up. “I said I don’t know what’s wrong with this crazy dog, he’s under the house and he’s digging holes. I said I put the board back up three times, now it’s your turn.”

Bright’s husband went under the house to see what the dog was digging at. It turns out that “crazy dog” was alerting the family to a gas leak. Bright immediately called the gas company. “When he put his meter under there, he said wow I have to cut off your gas,” said Bright. The gas company told the Bright’s they had a serious leak and that Pirate saved their lives.

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