Dogster Reviews: Reflective Safety Gear from Spot the Dog

Keep your dog safe and stylish for summer activity with Mudd+Wyeth's line of reflective gear.


As summer approaches, many of us will be enjoying outdoor activities while the weather is warm. On especially hot days, warm evenings are a particular delight. If you plan on taking your dog along on your twilight adventures, you should consider taking steps to keep your pup safe in low-light conditions. Whether you’re jogging in your subdivision, playing off-leash in a city park, or hiking around your rural property, it is a good idea to make your dog visible to motorists and other humans.

Mudd+Wyeth offers a line of reflective dog apparel called Spot the Dog! which includes brightly colored clothing with light-reflective details to keep dogs visible day or night. These items are made of nylon material and are hand wash, line dry.

Ace and I reviewed three items from the Spot the Dog! line: the Reflective Protective Collar ($15.20), the Reflective Protective Vest ($35.95), and the Reversible Bandana ($19.95). Mudd+Wyeth bundles similar items into a combo pack for $66.85, which includes a free insulated bag (note that the bandana in this combo pack is not reversible but otherwise is similar to the one reviewed in this article).

Overall, I found Spot the Dog! items were consistent with the dimensions in the sizing chart. Each item is made from the same fluorescent orange nylon material and reflective silver piping with reflective strips or polka dots. The reflective quality on these garments is very good, and the orange material — the color of which is similar to a construction worker’s or hunter’s vest — is bright enough to increase your dog’s visibility during the day.

The Reflective Protective Collar (Ace wore size small and has a 12.5-inch neck circumference) is about 2.25 inches wide and closes with a strip of Velcro. Note that the collar has no D-ring or other hardware, so it is not intended to hold dog tags or to latch to a leash. Rather, the Reflective Protective Collar should go alongside your dog’s regular collar, or for small dogs like Ace it could go on top of her regular collar.

I think this collar is a good option for dogs like Ace who don’t like to wear clothing but who need an easy way to increase their visibility.

Like the collar, the Reflective Protective Vest (Ace is wearing size small in the photos, but XS would fit her better) is a simple garment that closes around the dog’s neck and belly with Velcro. The belly strap is quite wide, which I imagine increases the comfort of the vest and its durability as the dog runs through grass or tussles with her friends.

This was my favorite item in the trio because of its solid fit and full coverage. It would be water repellent in the rain, which is a nice bonus feature for active dogs. The vest is surprisingly lightweight, making it appropriate for even the smallest dogs.

The Reversible Bandana (Ace wore size XS-S) is the newest edition to the Spot the Dog! line. One side of the bandana is orange like other Spot the Dog! products, and the other side is fluorescent yellow. Both sides sport reflective polka dots, and the bandana closes with Velcro.

I found the Reversible Bandana to be cute and unique, branching out from the strictly utilitarian styling of the other pieces in this line. Unfortunately, the bandana is stiffer than its counterparts, causing it to fit Ace awkwardly. At first, I wondered whether the stiffness was due to the two layers of fabric, but the vest is also made from two layers and it is not nearly as stiff as the bandana. I don’t think the stiffness of the bandana will be an issue for medium to large dogs, but small dogs might find it restrictive.

The quality of the stitching on our sample Spot the Dog! garments was inconsistent. For example, in some places the stitched lines are not straight, and in other places the stitches on the piping material, which should be sandwiched between the florescent material, were visible. Because the fabric is fluorescent nylon, errors in stitching stand out more than on a fuzzy or dark-colored fabric. I point this out because, given the cost of these items, I would expect more attention to be paid to details like stitching.

Dogster Scorecard for Spot the Dog! Reflective Gear by Mudd+Wyeth

  • Quality: The collar, vest, and bandana are made from durable nylon to last through many outdoor adventures.
  • Style: Simple and utilitarian, these items are appropriate for a variety of dogs and activities.
  • Function: These garments are brightly colored with plenty of reflective details to make your dog visible.
  • Creativity: I especially like the design of the Reversible Bandana, with its cute, unique, yet functional design.
  • Value: These items appear functional and durable, but given the price I would like to see cleaner stitching.

Bottom line

Spot the Dog! Reflective Gear is a simple way to make your dog more visible while being active during the day or in low-light conditions.

Dogster readers, what products do you use to keep your dogs safe during outdoor activities? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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