Southern Christian Leadership Conference Honoring Michael Vick This Weekend at National Convention

The SCLC should be ashamed! The very organization that fought for human freedom and respect is now honoring a man known for torture and abuse....


The SCLC should be ashamed! The very organization that fought for human freedom and respect is now honoring a man known for torture and abuse. What’s next? Putting Idi Amin on the SCLC letterhead?

This falls under the “What the hell are they thinking” category! I have been a supporter of racial equality for pretty much most of my life. I have always respected the SCLC for their heroic origins. But this recent action to HONOR Michael Vick must have Dr. Martin Luther King vomiting. It sure had that effect on me!

Even if Vick is NOT found legally guilty for the torture and murder of over 60 plus innocent dogs he has a history of public crudeness and stupidity that would make many mothers want to ground their adult children permanently. And the fact that the SCLC would want to honor this misbegotten and overpaid twit (okay I’m being polite) does nothing for him but drags the SCLC name through Vick’s bloody mud.

You don’t save someone like Vick who already thinks he’s above the law and common decency by honoring him. That only tells him that he is okay and he is being persecuted by people who don’t like him. Once again, the Vick indictment and outcry is not about racism. Those of us continuing the call for his prosecution aren’t doing this because he is African- American; we want justice for the dogs he has murdered, both directly and by his involvement in dogfighting.

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SCLC To Honor Vick At Atlanta Convention

POSTED: 1:17 pm EDT August 3, 2007

ATLANTA — While he waits for his trial related to dogfighting charges to start, Michael Vick will be honored by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

SCLC President Charles Steele announced Thursday during a news conference that the group will find a way to honor Vick during its national convention that began Friday.

“We will recognize Vick for being an outstanding human being,” said Steele. “We will work with anyone who opens their heart and arms to us.”

The president of the SCLC told Channel 2’s JaQuitta Williams the organization will honor Vick by praying for him. Steele said supporting people in need is what the SCLC has been about for the past 50 years.

“We’re in support of Michael as a human being,” SCLC president Charles Steele said. “Right now, he’s feeling discarded, ostracized by people who are rushing to judgment. It’s our responsibility to save him.”

Steele said he did not know if Vick will attend any of the events at the conference.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article and watch the video.

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