President Isabel’s Animal Abuse Commission Takes on Dead Dog Designs

A big pat on the head to all those dogsters making a difference for our furfriends! Attorney General Rosie Moondog wrote: So a few weeks...


T-Shirt Company Promotes Animal Abuse

Rosie Moondog
A big pat on the head to all those dogsters making a difference for our furfriends!

Attorney General Rosie Moondog wrote:
So a few weeks back a member of President Isabel’s Animal Abuse Commission reported that a company calling itself Dead Dog Designs was selling offensive t-shirts via Cafe Press encouraging people to kill dogs. We barraged Cafe Press with email and they shut the hooligans down. Well now they’re back. Here’s their new holly jolly disclaimer on the front page of their website.


Dead Dog Designs – Sick and Twisted, if you’re an Animal Lover, LEAVE Now!

16th July 2006 – We’re BACK after IDIOTS got us CLOSED DOWN

We’re BACK! The peeps over at managed to get us shut down by repeatedly complaining to our printer – Cafe Press. In a nutshell, these folk wouldn’t understand humour if it hit them square between the eyes.
We’re getting tired of these Animal Lover do-gooders who would happily sacrifice human life to save an animal that has been bread and evolved to serve us. We don’t endorse literally killing dogs and our humour is based on facts and some word play around dog-talk. Well, we found a new printer and we’re back. We’dlike to thank the real people out there who understand the humour for their continued support and we blow a big raspberry to

Incidently, we find it interesting that is a profit making incorporated company…
also operating Make up your minds, which is it Cats or Dogs… or is it money?”

Quite frankly there is no humor, sarcasm, or parody to be found in a t-shirt that advocates killing dogs, and depicts dogs laying in the street bleeding from the neck. These shirts are meant to offend, period. I have a sick sense of humor. This ain’t it. So barrage these nutjob losers with pmail, report them to
the Humane Society and the ASPCA and expose them as the complete scumbags that they are.

You can see the specialness and experience the love at

First of all,, as far as I know, had absolutely nothing to do with the Cafe Press site. That was ALL Dogsters! And great Dogsters they are too! Dogsters don’t need ANYONE at to tell them what is right. This is just one instance where Dogsters have barked out loud and long until a wrong was righted or a dog or cat was helped. I’m proud to be part of your pack!

Second, kudos to Cafe Press! I’m proud to have the Haint store on their site and do business with people of conscience! Let’s give them more support and business to show them that good deeds bring good results. I plan on buying several items off a CafePress site soon just out of support for the gracious people at Cafe Press who dis the right thing and shut down Dead Dog Designs!

Next, what “regular people” supported Dead Dog Designs? Would that be the “regular people” who killed a dog in Pennsylvania, dressed him in human clothes and left him on his human’s back porch to find? Or are those the regular people who recently took a puppy out to a hunting area and proceeded to unload about THIRTY rounds of ammunition into the fleeing dog? Or how about the British pub crowd that savagely attacked a Yorkie? Are those “regular people” some of your supporters? I wouldn’t be surprized that they are. Are those the kind of people you want to be? If so, I feel even sorrier for you.

Obviously, you have problems with dogs. Did a dog bite you when you were little (and probably yanking on its’ ear or hitting it over the head with a rock)? Are you just cowards who are afraid of anything that CAN bite or fight back?

Whatever it is, I’ve seen your kind before and your type is always pitiful. The worst of it is that the evil you do is not confined to you and your lives. Your malignancies can and do feed that same evil in others.

What’s in your heart, I and other Dogsters don’t care about. But when it comes to hurting cats and dogs just for the, “humour,” check it at the door! That’s evil, not funny or humorous. The only people who would find that kind of humour to their taste are the same ones who pull the wings off butterflies for fun, the same ones who kidnap and kill small children for fun and the same ones who end up on the wrong end of a mass murder rap. Are these the people you want to attract? Are these the people you want to encourage? If so, then Dead Dog Designs needs to be checking their inner lives for cancerous lesions of the soul! Your money comes from the suffering of the innocent and may there be someone who can help you!

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