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11 Best Podcasts About Dogs (2024 Guide)

Written by: Matt Jackson

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

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11 Best Podcasts About Dogs (2024 Guide)

Owning dogs can be an absolute joy, but it can also be challenging. Thankfully, with access to the Internet, owners can also enjoy access to resources and guides to help with every aspect of dog ownership.

There are some highly informative podcasts available, with topics ranging from puppy training to health and ownership questions. And podcasts are accessible from anywhere so you can listen to them while you’re preparing dinner, on the daily commute, or while you’re working with your dog on your daily training session.

Below are 11 of the best podcasts about dogs that can quell niggling doubts or help improve your dog’s behavior and your relationship.

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Top 11 Best Podcasts About Dogs

1. Can I Pet Your Dog?

Can I Pet Your Dog?

Format: Tips, advice, news

Can I Pet Your Dog? hosts not only talk about news affecting dog owners, but they also offer tips and advice. And, true to the name of the series, they also have a segment talking about the dogs they have encountered during the week. And, during Mute Minute, listeners can enjoy hearing about one specific breed including its characteristics.

2. Canine Hoopers World

Canine Hoopers World

Format: Training tips and advice

Canine Hoopers World is light-hearted and fun, but it brings together trainers and other professionals from the canine world. It is packed full of advice on dog ownership, as well as tips and tricks for training, and there is breed-specific advice in every episode.

3. Creative Dog Training

Creative Dog Training

Format: Training advice

Dog training is an essential part of ownership. Without it, a dog makes up its own rules and decides for itself what is positive behavior. The Creative Dog Training podcast not only gives general advice on training and some helpful training tips, but it also covers the more difficult aspects which makes it a great choice if you’ve come to a standstill in your training journey or are struggling with a specific aspect.

4. DogCast Radio

DogCast Radio

Format: Interviews, training tips

With hundreds of episodes already available, DogCast Radio is a great resource for anybody who keeps dogs. Like most dog podcasts, it concentrates on training efforts, but DogCast Radio also includes interviews with real dog owners that highlight the journeys of others.

5. Drinking from the Toilet

Drinking from the Toilet

Format: Training, nutrition, advice

As well as including information on training your dog, Drinking From The Toilet includes additional information and guidance, so whether you want to learn about proper canine nutrition or have a better grasp of how to train your puppy on a leash, you will find it with this podcast.

6. For Dog’s Sake

For Dog's Sake

Format: Training advice

A well-trained dog is a joy to live with. It understands what is expected of it, and will listen to commands and orders, rather than chewing carpet and scratching doors. Good training also benefits your dog. You can use training and behavioral techniques to help combat separation anxiety, and it will improve the relationship between you and your pup.

For Dog’s Sake is a podcast hosted by two canine behaviorists and it offers helpful advice on how to get the most from your dog training efforts.

7. No Bad Dogs Podcast

No Bad Dogs Podcast

Format: Training advice

They say there’s no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners, and the No Bad Dogs podcast highlights this fact while also trying to rectify it. It is especially good at encouraging fun training sessions.

Offering fun sessions helps keep your dog’s attention and prevents their mind from wandering while you’re trying to teach them to leave or come back.

8. Pure Dog Talk

Pure Dog Talk

Format: Maintenance, grooming

Pure Dog Talk is a little different from the other podcasts. Rather than concentrating on training, it looks at aspects of maintenance and grooming, especially those that are required for dogs that are entered into competitions and exhibitions. It also looks at purebred dogs and discusses the requirements and the pros and cons of specific breeds.

9. Sexier Than a Squirrel

Sexier Than a Squirrel

Format: Training

The name Sexier Than a Squirrel comes from the fact that dog owners need to present themselves as a more appealing prospect than a squirrel to their dogs. This is especially true with recall, but also with all forms of outdoor training and activity.

The podcast is made by Absolute Dogs, and it aims to improve the relationship between dogs and owners so that dogs always listen to what their handlers say.

10. The Dog Trainer Quick and Dirty Tricks

The Dog Trainer Quick and Dirty Tricks

Format: Training tips

The main topic of The Dog Trainer Quick and Dirty Tricks podcast is training, and as the name suggests, it includes tips that will quickly improve your training efforts. But the show is much more than that with solutions to specific training problems and discussions about dog behavior and dog ownership, in general.

11. Working Like Dogs

working like dogs

Format: Information on working breeds

Working Like Dogs is another podcast that looks at aspects other than training. In particular, it highlights the roles that service dogs undertake. It is the ideal podcast for you if you’ve ever wondered what it takes for a pup to become a therapy dog or exactly what being a sniffer dog requires.

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The lives of dogs and humans are closely intertwined. As well as being the most popular pet animal species, dogs are also used as working animals. They help herd and manage livestock. They can be used in medical settings as therapy dogs and even as medical alert and detection dogs.

The podcasts above are ideal for those who have a close affinity to dogs, or who are looking to improve their knowledge and canine skills to enhance relationships with their pet dogs.

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