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Pix We Love: Amazing “Black Dogs Project” Explores Black Dog Syndrome

Fred Levy has been taking photos of black dogs for three years; now, they're in the book "Black Dogs Project: Extraordinary Black Dogs and Why We Can't Forget Them."

dogedit  |  Jun 15th 2015

A chance encounter inspired Fred Levy’s three-year-long photo project of giving more exposure to black dogs, who are sometimes seen as less adoptable due a variety of wrongheaded beliefs. Levy, a professional pet photographer, overheard a woman talking about Black Dog Syndrome at a dog park and became intrigued.

“A dog shouldn’t be overlooked just because of its coat,” Levy told the Associated Press. “That’s a minor element when it comes to the dog.”

So, he started taking pictures, touching, emotionally charged works of black dogs on black backgrounds. The ongoing series, called the Black Dogs Project, hit it big on social media after he put the photos on Tumblr. Now, they’re coming out as a book, titled Black Dogs Project: Extraordinary Black Dogs and Why We Can’t Forget Them.


Levy said he first found dogs by owners he recruited through his Facebook page, according to the Associated Press. Later he brought shelter dogs into the mix, sharing their photos and their stories on his Tumblr to give them a better shot at getting adopted.


Although Black Dog Syndrome has its detractors — some people in big places (like Maryann Regan, director of shelter operations at the Animal Rescue League of Boston) don’t see any bias toward black dogs, and we’re not too sure about it either — there is no doubt these amazing photos are getting more dogs adopted. Take a look at a bunch from his Tumblr page, which you should visit.






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Via the Associated Press. All images via Black Dogs Project Tumblr page.

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